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Why Residential Drug Treatment Is Better

Residential drug treatment facilities (also known as rehab or live-in health facilities) are usually considered the best, and often last, chance for many people who want to get rid of an addiction. They deliver intensive help to people who have …

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Why Are Residential Treatment Centers More Effective?

Residential treatment centers like New Directions for Women are frequently considered the best (and sometimes the last) hope for patients who want to treat a substance use disorder. New Directions for Women’s treatment programs represent the most intensive form of …

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Special Issues for Mature Women in Recovery

Scientific research has shown that the effects of alcohol and drugs are much more serious in women: two years of drinking or using drugs by a woman produces the same harmful effects as a man would experience after ten years …

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ATCPCC Testimonial – Patty Henderson

My name is Patty Henderson.  I’m the Executive Director of Women in New Recovery, also known as the Winner Program in Mesa, Arizona and in Prescott, Arizona.  We’re an extended care treatment center for women, gender-specific, single-gender program, and we …

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ATCPCC Testimonial – Marcia Nickow

At Timberline Knolls we treat addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders and underlying trauma.  It’s very important to identify and treat trauma in addicted populations because oftentimes the addictions are solutions to untreated, unresolved, sometimes unremembered trauma. Family treatment is a …

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90 Day Holistic Drug Rehab Women

A 90 day holistic drug rehab for women does not only aim to treat just one part of  the affected individual, but aims to treat the person entirely. This will include full body detoxification, rehab, and treatment of the body, …

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