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Navigating a loved ones’ substance abuse problem can be challenging and confusing. There are many mixed messages about what to do and what not to do, as it relates to helping your loved one navigate addiction. Some information warns against codependency, and cautions that some of your actions may be enabling the addiction. Some information suggests you must hold hard limits in order for your loved one to stay sober. Knowing how to field the conflicting information can be lonesome. Our truth at New Directions for Women is that we can’t tell you what feels or fits best for you and your family. What we can do is be curious about where your family is at, what the problem is (as you see it and as your loved one sees it), and ask questions that will help you find where you hope to go. 

There is information to support that individuals who have family support are more likely to have sustainable recovery outcomes. “Family” may hold different definitions for each person. At NDFW, we view the family as defined by the client. Our hope is to help each client identify and build out the necessary support needed for a sense of community and belonging. Additionally, we hope to engage in a curious process by which each person in the family has a chance to learn about the ”problem” (aka the substances) and understand their own relationship to the “problem.” We do this through weekly educational groups and family processes. Our commitment to the family is to build foundational information regarding addiction and the relationship within. We explore external factors that contribute to both the addiction and the recovery.

You Are Not Alone.

Chart showing outcome data about NDFW clients' relationships with close family members

Family Services

  • Weekly Family Education Group with Loved Ones

Each Saturday from 8:30-9:30, we hold an educational group where loved ones learn about the disease of addiction, how addiction operates, and the tools to support their loved ones. This group takes place on our Campus location and is available by Zoom for our friends who do not live locally. The entire hour is dedicated to both the families and the client.

  • Weekly Family-Only Processing Group

During the same visit as the educational group, we offer a family-only processing group from 9:30-10:30. During this time, families will have the space to process their experience with a clinician and receive additional education or support where needed.

  • Weekly Family Community Group

Our sincere hope is that families find a path of healing for themselves. As such, NDFW offers a weekly virtual family support group. This meeting takes place weekly on Mondays and is available to families at the start of treatment and beyond. Alumnae families are welcome to utilize this space for as long as necessary.

  • Family Therapy Sessions

We believe in the family unit coming together as a whole. Individual family therapy sessions may be facilitated by one of our clinicians, or referrals to an outside family therapist may be made.

  • Weekly Family Updates

We strive to involve and include the family every step of the way. If permitted, our clinicians will reach out to you weekly and provide an update. In these updates, you can expect general progress and conversations about discharge planning.

Family Resources

New Directions for Women is rooted in the foundational principles of the 12 Steps. While we understand that the 12 Steps are not for everyone, we openly acknowledge that it is a widely available program of recovery, available not just to the person in recovery, but also to their family. Al-Anon is a program designed for the loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. The Al-Anon website states, “We can find understanding and support when we share our common experience with each other.” Al-Anon is probably the most accessible family resource there is, and is strongly encouraged as a parallel process in recovery. 

In addition to a recovery-based community meeting like Al-Anon, we recommend attending the weekly virtual support group and attending individual therapy. If you need other resources, let us know—our staff are glad to help. Our FAQs page is another great resource for commonly asked questions.

Our Commitment

Our Mission is to transform the lives of all women seeking recovery from addiction. We are committed to being curious about what will help your loved one thrive. Where possible, we also make every effort to bring you into the recovery process, and to remain curious about how you, the family, have also been impacted by your loved one’s addiction.

Wherever you are in the treatment process, New Directions for Women is here for you and your family. If you have already joined us, we are here to inspire and guide you on the healing path.

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