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We need your support now more than ever to help women and families like Elizabeth I.

“I feel safe at New Directions for Women. It’s become a bubble of security. I know the staff have my best interest at heart and see the soul that is worth saving.

They go the extra mile to make sure we’re safe and adjusting well. They don’t just make sure we make our beds, but they give us love whether that’s a 1-1 chat at 1:30am because I can’t sleep or simply making me tacos and salsa de morcajete to ease my homesickness. quote author

I was not ready to leave when my insurance dropped me, since I lost my job. I’d be out there in the pandemic going to extraordinary lengths to get loaded. New Directions for Women is letting me finish off my 30 days free of charge with a scholarship.”

(Elizabeth I, April 2020)

Philanthropic support – from people like you – made it possible for over 5,000 women to break free from the bonds of addiction at New Directions for Women. Yet in our four-decade history, we’ve never seen a multi-layered crisis like this.

  • Our Circle of Life Breakfast fundraiser was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, we could not rely on the incredible half a million dollars usually raised to fund partial scholarships for women and operating expenses to keep our doors open. 
  • The pandemic has created a world where more women are suffering from substance use disorder and mental health issues. Calls to SAMSHA’s Disaster Distress Helpline exploded by 891% and calls for help to New Directions for Women are also increasing.
  • The unemployment rate has grown to 15% and families are losing their private insurance and savings. More people need help, but no longer have the resources to fund their care.  It’s an unthinkable situation.


Help us withstand the ever-changing insurance and political landscape, so we never have to turn away a woman in need because of lack of funding. These women and families are ready to transform their life, and we need your help to meet the need.

A $50 donation will pay for diapers, supplies, and a full day of on-site developmental daycare for a child living at New Directions for Women with their mother.

A $500 donation will fund a month of trauma therapy so patients can learn to move past what’s keeping them in their addiction and live in the present

A $5,000 donation will fund a month of homemade, nutritious meals for the entire patient community to nourish their body, mind, and spirit.

Together, we can keep our community healthy. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

With gratitude,

The New Directions for Women Team


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