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Our Mission

What We Stand For

Our mission is to transform the lives of all women seeking recovery from addiction. In the pursuit of this mission, we stay true to our four Core Values:

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Ask questions, remain interested, never stop learning.

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Be courageous, think outside the box, inspire change.

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Foster belonging, prioritize community, invest in others.

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Establish trust, promote mutual well-being, allow clients to be vulnerable and recover.

Our Mission

As a women-only substance abuse treatment facility, we not only help women on their journey to recovery, but also extend our arms to their most precious companions – their children. 

According to a national survey, NDFW has a 20% higher success rate than the average for rehabs nationally, serving our long-term vision to be the premier women’s treatment program in the nation.

Our Mission

Get Help at NDFW

Our team of professionals will help you recover and build the life you deserve.Start your recovery journey today. We have many treatment options and also cater to the fact that women often have childcare responsibilities. Breaking down barriers within treatment is essential to us.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug abuse and addiction, please call us today.

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