September is National Recovery Month

Experiential Therapies

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Individual and Group Therapy

Interactive daily process groups with the patient’s primary therapist and peers provide an opportunity to address issues and learn new ways of functioning and living. In addition to individual therapy sessions and process groups, we offer specialized psycho-educational groups such as relapse prevention, communication, grief and anger management, and life skills workshops to facilitate growth.

Trauma Therapy

One’s primary therapist can assist the patient to explore past traumas and possible contributing factors to their addiction problems. The assistance is designed to provide a safe, yet challenging experience for our patients to connect with their feelings.

Experiential Therapies

experiential Therapies

A wide range  of different opportunities such as rock climbing, hiking and equine therapy challenge personal limits and provide experiential avenues into healing and growth.  In equine therapy, the work consists of grooming, leading and guiding the horse through obstacles. Working with horses elicits reactions from people ranging from joy to fear. These reactions are reviewed and discussed, allowing a new and different forum for our patients to connect with their feelings. This process allows our patients to become more aware of their communication skills and improve upon them.


Physical fitness is important to the overall health of everyone.  Our patients are able to engage in a variety of exercise, including working out weekly with a personal trainer on campus, using the on-site gym and walking and bicycling in the Newport Back Bay nature preserve.  Our facility has a well-equipped gym, allowing patients to continue with the fitness programs they learn.

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