Addiction Therapy in California

Addiction Therapy in California Addiction recovery therapy aims to help individuals suffering from substance use disorder or mental disorders overcome common struggles. Our gender-specific approach concentrates on what works best for women, offering a supportive and therapeutic environment. Since women often experience co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders, we strive to provide our patients the services they need to get healthy. 

At New Directions for Women, we offer several programs intended for women in most circumstances and phases of life. Addiction is a lifelong battle, and our substance abuse counselors are experienced in treating women with addictions to various substances.

The emotional and physical needs of women are undeniably different from the needs of men. Therefore, our specialized addiction counseling in California proves more successful than traditional addiction treatment services.  

Why Recovery Therapy is Necessary for Addiction Treatment

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that women are more likely to experience anxiety or depression in all age brackets compared to men. The mental distress women occasionally face is typically concerning environmental, psychosocial, and biological variables.

Researchers believe that the biological differences that may lead to more anxiety and depression are associated with women’s brain structure and hormones. Another heavily researched aspect is developmental concerns in women. Though not necessarily related to gender, women are more likely to fall victim to social stigma, lower socioeconomic status, and domestic violence. 

The stress involved in the issues above may lead women to struggle with addiction and other behavioral health problems.

Professional Behavior Therapy

Our programs at New Directions are designed by women to treat women. Since choosing the right program is difficult, we offer several types of addiction counseling in California that cover a vast amount of circumstances. Our specialized therapeutic services target underlying causes and increase the success and longevity of sobriety. 

Some of the types of recovery therapy programs used to treat substance use disorders are:

  • Play therapy 
  • Family therapy 
  • Holistic therapy
  • Experiential therapy 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy 
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Individual and group therapy 

Each type of therapy that we offer may suit one client more than another. Mental illnesses and addiction are often intertwined. Hence, our recovery therapists help women manage withdrawal symptoms and break away from addiction as part of a personalized treatment plan. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Women

When women are battling addiction, there are commonly other life issues that need attention as well. New Directions is well equipped to give women with a dual diagnosis (or co-occurring disorders) the help they need.

A dual diagnosis happens when a mental health disorder coexists with substance abuse. Individuals who suffer from certain conditions may find themselves becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addictions can also simply be related to how the patient deals with her situation.

Common co-occurring disorders are:

Women’s Mental Health Care History

Women-Specific Therapies Mental illness has been stigmatized for generations, especially for women. Historically, the challenges that women face regarding gender-specific physical and psychological health have been demeaned. Terms such as “fragile” and “emotional” have hindered the necessary treatment regarding women’s mental health recovery. Dating back to the 1800s, research on women’s mental health was uncommon.

Women’s Mental Health Care Today

Healthcare for women has drastically improved over the years. Women can find the healthcare they deserve while being less stigmatized. Females are more likely than men to develop mental illness. At New Directions, we take women’s health seriously and have designed a consortium of addiction programs specifically for women and their circumstances. 

Why is Gender-Specific Behavioral Counseling Beneficial?

Women-only treatment centers have several types of treatment options that ensure long-term recovery. Gender differences hinder traditional treatment for some men and women. Females typically deal with circumstances differently from men, which is a disadvantage in conventional treatment. 

At New Directions, we focus solely on the best way to help women overcome addiction. Our substance abuse counseling takes into account the way women deal with and heal from addiction and trauma. 

Recovery Therapies to Get Help at NDFW

Addiction Therapy in California We’ve created a drug rehab community that feels free of pressure and judgment by catering only to women. We also cater to the fact that women often have childcare responsibilities. Breaking down barriers within treatment is essential to us. Our medical professionals will help you recover and build the life you deserve.

Start your recovery journey today. We have many treatment options, including online treatments to get help. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug abuse and addiction, please call us today. You can also reach us by clicking “Contact Us” in our website menu.