12-Step Rehab Program

12-Step Rehab Program

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    A 12-step program is designed to improve a person’s spiritual base and assist them in recovering from an addiction to alcohol and drugs. 12-step programs can also assist the family of the individual suffering. New Directions for Women is based in the 12 Steps and we have seen thousands of women begin the journey of recovery by working these steps. “When the spiritual malady is overcome, we straighten out mentally and physically.” p. 64 of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    12 Step programs not only help patients in treatment recover from their addictions, but is a vital tool to creating a healthy and sober lifestyle after treatment. 12-step programs are one of the most widely used treatment methods to deal with alcoholism, or drug abuse and other addictive and dysfunctional behavior patterns. The 12 steps can be simply explained as follows:

    1. Honesty: This step focuses on removing the denial from the individual’s minds.
    2. Faith: This step involves a spiritual truth that before a higher power can work in your life, you must believe in one.
    3. Surrender: The goal of this step is to turn your life over to a higher power.
    4. Soul Searching: Here, an individual must search inside themselves for answers to questions of addiction.
    5. Integrity: This step gives the individual the greatest chance for growth, but can also be one of the most challenging.
    6. Acceptance: The goal for this step is for the individual to accept character defects exactly as they are and become willing to let negativity go.
    7. Humility: This step requires the individual to understand that there are some things that they can only get from a higher power.
    8. Willingness: During this step, individuals will make a list of the people that they have wronged, but more importantly, they need to become willing to repair the damage.
    9. Forgiveness: This step can greatly heal many wounds for the individual suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Although it is difficult to make amends with all the people on their list, it can incredibly rewarding and “freeing.”
    10. Maintenance: The goal of this step is to continue the spiritual recovery and healing progress by having the individual admit when they are wrong and the wrongs that they have done.
    11. Making Contact: The purpose of this step is to understand the plan that a higher power has for your life.
    12. Service: This step will help the individual understand how it all works and help others.

    Millions of people throughout the world have recovered from addiction using the 12 Steps. The 12 steps have been translated into dozens of languages. Many people continue to celebrate sustain recovery through practicing the 12 steps and attending meetings. Thankfully, many of these people can be available to the individual suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

    At New Directions for Women we have seen many women renewed and restored by following the powerful 12 Step program. We take pride in being one of many treatment centers who have implemented the 12 step principles, which are rooted in everything that we do. The transformation it has helped give birth to is unbelievable yet attainable. New Directions for Women offers the same option to women, women with children, and pregnant women who desire a similar result. If you know someone who needs treatment, contact us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-939-6636 we can help.

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