12 Step Rehab for Pregnant Women

12 Step Rehab for Pregnant Women

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    12 Step Rehab for Pregnant Women

    A 12 step rehab program is absolutely needed by women who are expecting a child and also burdened by a drug or alcohol addiction. Not only can drugs and alcohol cause physical, emotional, and other types of damage to the woman, but to the baby that is growing inside her as well.

    To give you an idea of what a pregnant woman can experience while taking drugs and alcohol, take a look at some of the consequences of drug use:

    • Hepatitis
    • Anemia or severe blood loss
    • STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease)
    • Skin problems
    • Blood infections
    • Miscarriage

    These consequences are only those that the mother will experience. What happens to a baby whose mother uses drugs?

    • Low Birth Weight
    • Breathing Difficulties
    • Developmental delays
    • Birth Defects, such as Cleft Palate, (find two more common examples)

    The type of drug that the mother was using will ultimately determine the effects of the addiction on the baby. The severity of the addiction is also a factor. Listed below are some of the most commonly abused drugs and their effects.

    Heroin – if a mother is taking heroin while pregnant, the chances of having a low birth weight baby is high. The baby can also experience birth defects, learning disabilities and a range of other consequences. Addiction rates in a baby born to a mother using heroin are also high.

    Cocaine – The effects of cocaine are similar to those with heroin. Babies born addicted to cocaine have low birth weight, withdrawal symptoms, breathing problems, developmental delays and a host of other problems.

    Methamphetamine – The motor abilities of a child are affected by Meth use. Low birth weight is also common, just as birth defects, emotional and learning problems, and stunted growth. Addiction is most certain when a mother uses Meth during pregnancy.

    These are just some of the complications that may arise when a pregnant woman continues with her drug or alcohol addiction. The list of possible consequences of a drug addiction on both mom and baby can be even more severe, possibly causing death. A great solution is available, and that is seeking help. At New Directions for Women we specialize in transforming lives. There is no reason to be embarrassed, as you are taking control of your future and helping your child live a happy, healthy future.

    At New Directions for Women, located in Orange County, California, we help mothers become sober and deliver healthy babies. A wide variety of services are provided at NDFW, including counseling, group therapy, Mommy and Me time, parenting classes and more. All of the services are provided to help mothers (as well as single women) learn the consequences of their drug use as well as how to live without those drugs in the future. Contact New Directions for Women today for help at 800-939-6636 or fill out the contact form on the right side of this page.


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