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Our foundation was started by Pamela Wilder, Marion Schoen, and Muriel Zink. Funds raised go directly to the Pamela Wilder Scholarship Fund. We try to raise at least $500,000 every year so we may help as many women as possible. 


All three founders believed that women suffering from substance use disorder needed a place in Orange County to recover and heal comfortably. A part of healing comfortably meant being among women all working toward the same goal: long-lasting sobriety. 

We're extremely blessed to have the pleasure of working with individuals and companies that want to help support sobriety. More than that, they care about the women and children affected by alcohol and drug addiction. 


In the past, we've held Phone-a-thons where volunteers and members of our foundation will call people asking for donations. Out of respect, we only call past donors, alumnae, and other supporters. Volunteers are encouraged to call friends and family members that might be interested. 


Also, we've partnered with restaurants like Wahoo Tacos to donate even more to help our patients at New Directions for Women. For example, restaurants have been kind enough to donate a percentage of revenue from purchases made during the fundraiser. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in volunteer and fundraising opportunities. 

Our Mission: “Our Foundation exists to provide investors with a forum to give enduring financial security to New Directions for Women enabling the operating organization opportunities to provide treatment for women, children, and their families, with a vision of achieving lifetime recovery and wellness.” 


We have always been committed to breaking down any barriers between women entering recovery, whether that’s childcare or the cost of long-term care. Our Foundation was created to fund partial scholarships so women can stay in treatment for the extent and duration of time they need to recover from the disease of substance use disorder. 


Our goal is for our patients to get the holistic care they need for their bodies, minds, and spirits to heal, not what insurance or their ability to privately pay dictates. While we don’t give 100% scholarships (we believe women and families must have some “skin in the game”), we do provide over 90% of our patients with some level of financial assistance.

First of all, thank you for your heart of philanthropy and generosity of spirit. You can use our online giving form. There’s also an option to sign up for recurring monthly donations, which really make a transformative impact over time!


Alternatively, you can call the Development Office to make a gift or pledge payment by credit card at (800) 939-6636, extension 300.

Our greatest need is for the Pamela Wilder Scholarship fund, which goes directly to help pay for the treatment of women who otherwise would not be able to afford care. There may be programs you feel passionately about and would like to specifically support, such as the onsite Daycare programs, weekly family support programs, alumnae services, and more. 
Some options may include: our children’s program, funding a therapist’s work throughout the year, or even supporting our nutrition program. Please give our Development Office a call so that we can share more information.

Our tax ID number is 20-3295837. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by IRS laws and regulations. Please call us and we can provide more specific information. We will provide a donation confirmation letter for your receipt and records!

Thank you for considering leaving your legacy at New Directions for Women, enabling us to help future generations of women and families. Please visit our Planned Giving page for more detailed information, and video testimonials of other planned giving supporters.

Absolutely! We encourage all gifts of time, talent, and treasure. There are many volunteer opportunities throughout different areas at New Directions for Women.

We do accept new or gently used women’s clothes, children’s clothes, and other materials. Sometimes we are in the wonderful position of having enough toys or books. Please reach out using the contact form to inquire and schedule a donation drop off on campus. We are happy to provide a receipt of your contribution.

We’re proud to say that we are in-network providers for almost every major insurance provider. This allows our patients to get the treatment they need at an affordable price. Some of the insurance and we accept include: 

  • Cigna 
  • Optum 
  • Beacon Health Options 
  • Blue Cross 
  • Blue Shield 
  • Anthem 
  • Health Net 
  • Aetna

However, not every policy will cover addiction treatment therapy. That said, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (MHPAEA) requires insurance companies to give fair access to facilities like ours (with exceptions). New Directions for Women is happy to verify and directly bill your insurance. We can also help you determine if your policy covers treatment. 

New Directions for Women offers a partial scholarship to women who need financial assistance. We understand that millions of Americans are unable to afford insurance. We don’t believe that addiction treatment needs to bankrupt our patients. Around 90% of our patients receive financial assistance through the New Directions for Women Foundation. 

At this time, we’re unable to offer full scholarships to patients. We’re here to help you, though. Financial plans are available for self-pay options. It might be a good idea to look into options through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Many previously uninsured women were able to get affordable health insurance through it.

Yes, we’ve found that gender-specific programs have helped expedite the recovery process. However, women can bring their children to the facility as well (male or female). About 70% of American women who need assistance from an addiction treatment center have children.

Women face unique problems when it comes to addiction, like pregnancy. They also tend to use certain drugs more and for different reasons than men. That isn’t to say there aren’t benefits to mixed programs. 

It depends. New Directions for Women fully recognizes that gender identity is typically assigned at birth and may not match up with how a person feels as she grows up. That said, the state legislature dictates that we must go off of a person's government ID. We are only licensed to treat women who are biologically female at this time. 

However, if a transgender man prefers to be seen at New Directions for Women, we might be able to make an exception in some cases. Our mission is to help all women, no matter where they're at in their gender identity journey. 

New Directions for Women understands that moving from home to our facility is a big change. And large changes can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, our modern facility and compassionate staff will have you feeling right at home. Our mission is to help you recover comfortably. That includes transitioning from home to our center. 

Part of transitioning comfortably is bringing what's necessary. It's alright if you don't know what to bring. We've provided a list below of items you should bring and what to leave at home. 

What to bring: 

  • Government-issued IDs (passport, driver's license) 
  • Insurance card 
  • Prescribed medication (must be in the original package with legible information) 
  • Sealed over-the-counter medication 
  • At least seven days of clothes (including pajamas, a swimsuit, socks, etc.) 
  • Two pairs of shoes 
  • Toiletries 
  • Any cosmetics (including hair products and makeup) 
  • An alarm clock 
  • Cigarettes if you choose to 
  • Hobby materials (ie: crochet hook, books, and drawing supplies) 
  • Medicine that a doctor didn’t prescribe 
  • Cough medicine 
  • Sharp objects of any kind 
  • Candles, aerosols, and incense 
  • Weapons 
  • Pornography or material that glorifies it 
  • Revealing clothes 
  • Items that contain alcohol (including mouthwash) 
  • Playing cards 
  • Nail polish and polish remover 
  • Sporting equipment 
  • Electronics (gaming consoles, etc.) 
  • Outside food 

The unknown can be terrifying. When a woman decides to commit to recovery, it can be scary. That's why we want to give you insight into how the first day at our addiction treatment center will look like. 


The first thing we do is a comprehensive medical evaluation. We want to see where your physical and mental health is at to establish the best course of action. Then, patients will undergo a detox protocol to rid the body of all of the toxins and lingering traces of substances. 


During the first day, we'll show you around our lush, state of the art facility. The tour may be a little different depending on your treatment plan. Then, we'll familiarize you with the medical professionals and trained staff that will help you on the road to recovery. In the end, nothing is left to the unknown, and you will feel at home. 

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