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Joan O.
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A conversation with Pam is a breath of fresh air, honest and thought provoking. Thank goodness, there are women that understand, because my reality thinking, can tell me differently.
Veronica M.
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A wonderful place for recovery for all women Keep up the great work that u r doing!!!
Jana J.
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After touring this treatment center at an Open House, I can say it's absolutely lovely. I've known a few of the staff members for a long time, and they truly put the passion in compassion. Anyone can rest assured that these people are there because they care.
Elizabeth Bella McCloud
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As a yoga teacher who has volunteered her time at New Directions I can honestly say that this is a wonderful and heartfelt treatment center. I would recommend it to anyone...
Berkley E.
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As an immediate neighbor of the facility, I took a tour of NDFW in January and wanted to share my experience. The incredible people in Costa Mesa do amazing things and their facility is first rate in terms of service provided, flexibility for all women (pregnant, moms, young, older women), rooms are great and offer in-depth programs to help those fighting addiction. Being part of the Costa Mesa neighborhood and community is very important for those seeking treatment to be a natural, safe and inclusive environment with access to the Back Bay for some fresh air. If you or someone that you know of is struggling with addiction, please give them a call.
Carolyn Carr
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Beautiful place to asobriety. Wonderful people. Fabulous facility.
Dan Carracino
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Full disclosure - I'm a board member of this recovery facility. So, that makes me biased, right? Perhaps. But please read on. I'm writing this for people who have no idea how to sort out the good treatment facilities from the bad ones. Here are some questions to ask (New Directions for Women can answer "Yes" to all of them):

1. Is it non-profit?
2. Is it accredited by either CARF or JCAHO? Both are equally good and nationally recognized.
3. Are clinical staff all licensed and certified?
4. Is transitionary care offered? (Intensive Outpatient; Sober Living etc)
5. Does the facility offer trauma therapy?
6. Has it been around for at least 20 years? (Avoid new entrants – many are places funded by big money who are focused on profit. NDFW has been around for 40 years)
7. Is someone at the actual facility answering the phone? (Many third party call centers “sell" patients to for-profit facilities - literally to the highest bidder. I wish I were making this up.)
8. Is it gender specific? (For women, especially, this can be very important.)
9. Can women bring their young children with them for the entire time they're in treatment? (Many women refuse to get care unless they can be with their young children.)

Anyway - just a bit of a checklist for anyone trying to figure out how to find a good recovery place. Final bit of full disclosure - I've sent women I know who were struggling with addiction to New Directions. So, I put my money where my mouth is.
Gannon Irrgang
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Had the most amazing experience with the staff at New Directions. It is full of empowering women with full hearts. If you or your daughter is seeking help with substance abuse treatment, New Directions should be your first thought. Beautiful campus full of beautiful people.
Susan Meek
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Hi, my name is Susan M. i was a patient at NDFW 23 and a half year. I'll be 24 yrs in Sept. god willing. I still am very much a part of NDFW, it makes me feel good to help the new comers. I have volunteered and worked for NDFW. Hope someone finds this review on google, if you go to NDFW you will never leave it stays in your heart for ever. Susan M.
Natalie D.
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I am so excited to work with New Directions teaching yoga and meditation (including mommy n me) and have been so impressed by their efficiency and commitment to addiction recovery. Being in recovery myself, I can feel the authenticity and commitment to transformation healing, self compassion, and confidence. The house is gorgeous, clean, and has a sense of calm all throughout. What an honor it is to be a part of this wonderful organization!
Laura Niedringhaus
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I entered NDFW in 1995 and it changed my life by providing me with a safe and supportive environment to begin the process of healing. I am immensely grateful to the nurturing therapists who guided me along the way and educated me on the disease of addiction. Their creative therapeutic approaches, such as psychodrama therapy, were very helpful and fun techniques to learn how to communicate more effectively and work through problems. They have an amazing legacy of helping women discover how strong they really are.
Erika G.
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I had been to numerous treatment centers before I found new directions for women. I thank God for helping me find my way there because that place changed my life. There I found real friends, stability, encouragement, and staff that honestly cared about helping me change my life. After finishing treatment at new directions I went on to graduate from college and even obtained my masters in clinical psychology. I found a sense of purpose and since then have dedicated my life to helping others battling addiction. I owe it all to God, my family, and new directions for women for believing in me and helping me gain the tools that I needed to become successful and maintain long term sobriety. I still to this day stay connected with new directions because it is a safe, supportive environment and I'm blessed to have started my journey there.
Carrie S.
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I have been honored to work with New Directions for Women over the past two years. The administrative and clinical staff are truly top notch. As a woman in recovery myself, I have been deeply moved and impressed with the quality of care, the knowledge of the disease of addiction and the loving, warm and caring environment that New Directions for Women provides all of their clients. It's been nothing short of inspiring to watch young women start their new lives in recovery, as well as women of all ages getting clean and sober while still engaging with their children. In working with Rebecca (the CEO), I have seen the utmost in professionalism, a vast knowledge of the disease of addiction and the love she has for all of the clients at New Directions. Thank you New Directions for all you for women in recovery.
Paulette Cullen
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A loving, supportive, structured opportunity to recover from a fatal illness.
Monica Delgado
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Had never been a way from home and NDFW made me feel safe and entire team and staff taught me tools on recovery, I recommend New Directions. It’s a positively life changing experience.
MichelJoy D.
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As a Business Consultant and Leadership Coach, I make referrals of needed services for families of clients. During the last 5 years, I've toured the campus, engaged the Director, met the treatment counselors, and observed the women in treatment. I am continuously impressed with the integrity of team members and the caliber of expert treatment, love, and care that goes into treating each woman. New Directions for Women is one of only 125 centers in the entire country that is open to women bringing their children with them during their stay. Knowing their children are lovingly cared for, gives these women freedom from fear. The homes are beautiful, clean, organized. The treatment programs are comprehensive - psychological therapy, daily AA programs, mind/body therapies, nutritional guidance, job training. Women who've completed their program, go on to have healthy, fulfilling lives. I have the greatest regard for New Directions For Women! - MichelJoy DelRe, President/CSO, New Century Productions, Inc.
Melissa Mitchell DC
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Beautiful office with a wonderful staff! This place is filled with such great energy and what they do for the community is such a blessing.
Michael Bassler
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Fantastic program! I work in the treatment field and it’s very comforting seeing a safe and beautiful facility that understands patient care. I fully support New Directions for Woman’s mission.
Tara Estes
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Five stars. NDFW did more than save my life:. They saved my little boy's mom. They provided me with a complete and structured treatment plan and four years later I am still clean and sober. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for New Directions.
Pat A.
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Genuinely good hearted people that want to help others get their lives back together. Ann is very energetic and wants to help make a difference. .
Lisa Sutton
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Great program for women with children. Not very many places for them to go!
Doreen Morasse
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Great support system for women and children .
So much empathy ,, education
Ann P.
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Great treatment center! Helps so many women and children! I am so thankful that they are in Orange County and have been around so long. Thousands of women have walked through the doors of NDFW! I see them in everywhere clean, sober, proud!
Natalie Deshotels
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I am so excited to work with New Directions teaching yoga and meditation (including mommy n me) and have been so impressed by their efficiency and commitment to addiction recovery. Being in recovery myself, I can feel the authenticity and commitment to transformation healing, self compassion, and confidence. The house is gorgeous, clean, and has a sense of calm all throughout. What an honor it is to be a part of this wonderful organization.
Shay L.
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I came to New Directions for Women because my husband once remarked "if I had s family member who needed treatment I would send them to New Directions." Well, years later when addiction had me by my throat I thought back to that statement, held my breath and showed up at the doorstep of New Directions. Now rehab is NOT easy, especially when you are as entitled and picky as I am, but the women there absolutely saved my life. I had an amazing drug and alcohol counselor who saved my life by showing me I was worth something and a beautiful therapist / yoga teacher who literally taught me how to live. Not only that, but they let me come to treatment with my daughter and helped me love her until I was strong enough to do the job without them. Today the 12 steps are guiding principles in my life. I owe my life to New Directions.
Arthur Reeder
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I had a good a good friend who came here for treatment. She finally got the help she needed here. The benefit that it's had on our family and especially her daughters life has been revolutionary. Everyone here is incredibly careing and supportive. If you're a woman suffering from addiction, especially a mother, you deserve to get help.
Jonathan Moretti
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I had the pleasure of dealing with the team at New Directions. Unfortunately there just isn't a lot of resources for women with children who need drug or alcohol treatment. The people here go above and beyond to help women build a new life and they educated me in how to be supportive of that goal. Thank you, thank you to you all and your supporters who make your work possible. I can say without a doubt that New Directions has had a positive impact on my life.
Becky Flood
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I have been blessed to be involved with this organization for over 12 years and have the amazing experience of seeing women get well and families heal.
Celine A.
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I have been working with few people at NDFW and since I was first introduced to key staff members there, I have been very impressive with the level of professionalism, confidentiality and care they express towards the other staff members, patients, residents, business contacts and overall community. II have always said.... actions speak louder than words and in this case, it is most certainly very true.
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