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Levels of Care​

We Provide a Continuum of Care for Women

Here at New Directions for Women, our mission is to provide compassionate and comprehensive care for all women, from all walks of life. We offer several addiction treatment programs to help our clients find the healing and freedom they truly desire and need. Learn more about how our various levels of care can help you or a woman you know overcome substance use disorder today!

Our addiction treatment center offers a comprehensive and intensive continuum of care in an effort to provide support to each woman who comes to us for help. At New Directions, we strive to create an atmosphere in which women can find healing and freedom without fear of judgment. We realize that, in order to provide such an environment, we must emphasize and embrace the importance of having different levels of care.

Here at our facility, we offer help for those who may need:

We understand the need for compassionate, individualized care when it comes to addiction treatment. So, we work to make sure our patients receive the exact opposite of “one-size-fits-all rehab”. Learn more about the addiction treatment programs we offer here at New Directions for Women.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs​

At New Directions for Women, we are committed to providing exceptional treatment services that meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each woman and her family suffering from the disease of chemical dependency. Therefore, we tailor each treatment plan to the individual woman and her family being treated, and emphasize responsible recovery for long-term sobriety. By addressing the holistic needs of every aspect of our patients’ lives, including, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual, we facilitate their journey in recovery, encouraging them to rejoin their communities as healthy, whole women and families.

Our program provides successive levels of residential care from Primary Phase to Extended Phase services. Average length of stay at NDFW is 90 days. Minimum commitment of 30 days required. Length of stay may reach up to 1 year.

The following information is applicable for single women, pregnant women and women who enter treatment with their children:

Primary Phase

Our Primary Phase program is highly structured and provides intensive therapy utilizing individual, family, group and educational counseling. Each woman is assigned a Masters Level Primary Therapist or a Certified Addiction Counselor with whom they create an individualized treatment plan. In addition, we provide equine therapy with horses, art expression, gardening, psychodrama, experiential and spiritual therapies (see Services Offered). Our Primary Phase program is an average length of stay of 30 days.

Transitional Phase

Our women and their families are then allowed to move into a Transitional Phase program that provides more autonomy while still engaging them with all the services provided during the Primary Phase. Women in this phase begin to practice the tools of their recovery in the community while in school, working or volunteering. In the evening, our women return to the safety of their recovery community here at NDFW and focus their abilities to apply their program in daily life. Each woman is encouraged to develop healthy, meaningful relationships with sponsors, alumni, and other women in recovery. In addition, each woman works individually with her assigned Case Manager and develops an individual plan that encompasses her goals in life regarding education, employment, living arrangements, children, family, self-care etc. Average length of stay in Transitional Phase is 45 days.

Extended Care Phase

Lastly, women and their families may move into Extended Care Phase. This is our lowest level of Residential care due to the amount of independence each woman has earned. During this phase of treatment, each woman continues to receive individual, family and group counseling. Additionally, they further practice the tools of their recovery in the community.

New Direction’s Intensive Sober Living Program combines transitional sober living with continued treatment services. This helps women transition to a sober lifestyle after completing primary or extended treatment.

Where should women go after primary treatment?

Located at New Direction’s campus to provide a structured living environment, the Intensive Sober Living Program includes intensive outpatient services based on the Matrix Model. (This is a research and an evidence-based approach that recognizes the diversity and individuality of each patient’s stage in recovery).

The program focuses on early recovery skills, relapse prevention, family involvement, individual therapy and 12 step involvement. Patients may enter the program at any stage as the model accommodates for people in various stages of early recovery.

Patients receive seven to ten hours of treatment weekly and are involved in 12-Step programs while they work, go to school or are involved in other productive activities.

Key Benefits

  • Gender-separate treatment for women by women
  • Provides women completing primary and extended treatment a continued seamless, affordable transition to a sober lifestyle in a community setting
  • Located adjacent to the New Directions’ campus, residents enjoy the tranquil and supportive atmosphere
  • Women continue to have the support of recovering and sober peers as they adjust to their new lifestyle and learn new living skills
  • Matrix model has been proven effective in achieving independence from addiction
  • Early recovery groups give patients the essential skills for establishing and maintaining sobriety
  • Family involvement educates, encourages and involves family and significant others in the recovery process helping to break the generational cycle of addiction
  • Relapse prevention addresses specific issues that help clients avoid relapse and take accountability for sustaining recovery
  • Weekly individual therapy helps clients enhance the quality of recovery
  • Social Support helps clients successfully “resocialize,” or transition to an alcohol and drug free lifestyle that supports recovery
  • Evening program allows patients to access treatment while working or going to school

Services offered

  • Individual and Conjoint Therapy
  • Early Recovery Skills Groups
  • Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Family Education Group, Family Conjoint Sessions
  • Social Support Group
  • 12 Step Involvement
  • Established schedule
  • Drug Testing – weekly at random
  • Aftercare – up to 1 year
  • 24 hour awake staff

Amenities offered

  • Private and shared bedrooms in single family home
  • One block to beautiful Newport Back Bay reserve
  • Shared living room, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Onsite Gym
  • Direct TV in living area
  • Garden and meditation area
  • High speed wireless internet access
  • Housekeeping
  • Designated parking area


  • $2,950 per month for Double Room (includes room and Intensive Outpatient Services)
  • $3,100 per month Single Room (includes room and Intensive Outpatient Services)

Admission Criteria

  • Women 18 years and up
  • Completion of a 45-60 day program
  • Three month minimum

Line drawing of leavesNew Directions for Women is dedicated to helping women who suffer from addiction. Whether you are dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse, we are here to help you. We understand that some women suffer from substance use disorders in addition to co-occurring mental health disorders. So we offer a dual diagnosis program to help our clients manage their mental health symptoms as they also work toward addiction recovery.

If you or a woman you know could use some help addressing substance use problems, please know that no one has to struggle alone. We are here to provide treatment to those who are suffering from addiction. Our team works to provide the support you need as you strive to recover from substance use disorder. Allow New Directions to help you overcome addiction today.

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Clinically Reviewed By:

Heather Black-Coyne, LMFT, CADC II, Chief Clinical Officer

Heather Black-Coyne, LMFT, CADC II, Chief Clinical Officer

Heather most recently served as the Clinical Director of a gender-specific treatment center in Huntington Beach. She is trained in both Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which serve the needs of our patients, many of whom have experienced both complex trauma and substance use disorder.

Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. Alejandro Alva, M.D., Medical Director

Dr. Alejandro Alva, M.D., Medical Director

Alejandro Alva, MD, has a focus on substance abuse and chemical dependency treatment and general psychiatric disorders. Dr. Alva earned his bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton, and completed medical school at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine in Mexico. He then returned to California, where he completed his psychiatric residency at the University of California, Irvine.

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