Intensive Outpatient Program

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intensive outpatient program

Helping People Find Sobriety for Over 40 Years

New Directions for Women’s intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers comprehensive recovery skill development and addiction counseling for individuals who may or may not have already gone through an inpatient treatment facility. Women may enter the New Directions IOP at any stage as the model accommodates people in various stages of early recovery. 

An IOP is an excellent choice of addiction treatment for clients who need time to attend school or work in the evening. Additionally, this program works well as a continuation of care following an inpatient program. Intensive outpatient programs at our southern California addiction center are for struggling individuals who live locally in a stable environment such as a sober living home or at home here in Orange County, CA, with supportive loved ones. Here at New Directions for Women, we also offer a partial hospitalization program as well as day and evening intensive outpatient programming.

What Does Intensive Outpatient Consist Of?

Here at New Directions for Women, we utilize The Matrix Model. The Matrix Model is an intensive outpatient program treatment model for addiction. This model consists of relapse prevention and education on addiction in women. It also shows the family members that are affected by addiction, social support, individual counseling, and drug testing over a sixteen-week period. Our caring therapists lead the drug and alcohol counseling sessions in a way that meets our women where they are and promotes self-esteem, dignity, and self-worth. 

Family education on addiction covers triggers and cravings along with stages of recovery. It also covers typical family reactions to the stages of addiction and recovery. Through education, family members of addicts can even learn how to provide emotional support for their loved ones.

Mindfulness and Meditation During an IOP

Our women IOP patients here at New Directions for Women participate in mindfulness and meditation to promote grounding and centeredness. Mindfulness and meditation can be later used to reduce anxiety and overwhelming feelings. 

Anxious and overwhelming feelings may occur in various phases of recovery. To help our patients manage such feelings, yoga is integrated into our program. Yoga helps establish a connectedness to the self and body. This sense of connection will allow intensive outpatient program patients to commit to self-care. When people combine yoga with counseling, support groups, and healthy nutrition, it’s very beneficial. It allows those struggling with chemical dependency to maintain lifelong wellness in a safe and natural way. 

Relationships in Recovery

At New Directions for Women, we offer a workbook called “Coping with Chaos” that helps our IOP patients identify and recognize maladaptive behaviors. This book also helps our patients recognize warning signs of a prospective relapse. On top of all that, this book has an emphasis on relationships in recovery.

The interactive daily process groups with master-level clinicians that New Directions offers provide individuals with the opportunity to discuss their personal addiction issues with their peers during intensive outpatient programs. It also allows individuals to learn new ways of functioning and living. 

Psychoeducational Groups

In addition to individual therapy sessions and process groups, we here at New Directions for Women offer specialized psycho-educational group sessions within our IOP treatments. Examples of such psycho-educational groups include relapse prevention, communication, steps to forgiveness, grief and anger management, and life skill workshops. All of these addiction treatment groups facilitate growth and address drug abuse.

Seeking Safety

The other New Directions for Women foundational curriculum that’s used specifically in our Partial Day Program, is Seeking Safety, a cognitive behavioral group therapy that heals people struggling with substance use disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This type of behavioral therapy teaches different coping strategies, including problem-solving skills, learning how to ask for help, and recognizing warning signs for relapse. Our Seeking Safety CBT group also teaches self-care and coping with PTSD symptoms.


Benefits of an IOP for Women

Our partial day program is 5.5 hours per day, four days a week, while our intensive outpatient program is 3 hours per day, five days per week. Both the partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient programs offer a Saturday Family component for 2 hours. Furthermore, the daytime outpatient program allows patients to work or be at home in the evenings with children and loved ones.

Our intensive outpatient rehab programs are based on proven, research-based models of addiction treatment that address the patients at their level of recovery. Early recovery groups give women the essential skills and foundation for establishing and maintaining sobriety.

The fact that our intensive outpatient rehab programs are certified by the state of California and fully internationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) also acts as a reminder that there are evidence-based best practices with proven outcomes within our rehab programs

Family involvement in intensive outpatient program treatment educates, encourages, and involves families and significant others of addicts in the recovery process. This helps to break the generational cycle of substance abuse. 

Relapse prevention during intensive outpatient treatment addresses specific issues to help women take accountability for sustaining recovery. This motivates our female patients.

Weekly individual therapy enhances the quality of recovery, while group therapy provides social and peer support that creates change. Individual therapy sessions are weekly and allow individuals to self-reflect and discover what their triggers are. 

Approved as an in-network provider with most insurance carriers, and with others as an out-of-network provider. We here at New Directions for Women have a combination of insurance and private pay options, as well as some partial scholarship funds available.

Who Should Attend our Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Costa Mesa Program?

  • Clients who have completed primary substance abuse treatment and desire continued care through other treatment services for substance use disorder. 
  • Individuals who are working, going to school, or occupied during the day
  • Clients who are not ready or able to commit to residential care

Components of Intensive Outpatient Programs:

  • Sessions
  • Social Support Groups
  • 12 Step Involvement
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Individual and Conjoint Therapy
  • Early Recovery Skills Groups
  • Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Drug Testing – random weekly
  • Family Education Group, Family Conjoint
  • Aftercare is available to assist patients who are transitioning from professional care into a healthy, sober lifestyle on their own

Evaluation at New Directions for Women’s IOP Southern California Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Patients who enter the intensive outpatient treatment program at New Directions for Women will undergo an extensive evaluation process. Our intake counselors perform personal evaluations of each patient in order to understand the patient’s background, including health, mental illness, substance abuse history, and co-occurring disorders such as depression or any other mental health issues.

Addiction Treatment Planning

Patients who attend our IOP therapy will receive individualized one-on-one treatment planning for the duration of their time at New Directions. This intensive treatment plan will ensure that all the patient’s clinical needs are addressed and met. 

By creating a treatment plan, a patient can feel secure that each condition that was previously evaluated is treated. Your personal treatment care plan is individualized to your specific strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences.

IOP Admission Criteria

  • We welcome women 18 and over with a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency.
  • Potential patients will undergo an addiction assessment to determine which level of care they should enter.
  • If a patient is actively using, she must get medical treatment and get cleared by her primary care physician in order to enter IOP treatment.

The New Directions for Women Southern California addiction center is located in the heart of Costa Mesa, California close to John Wayne International Airport with easy access to the 405 and 55 freeways.


  • Partial Day Treatment: $8,000 (4 weeks)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Day or Evening) $4,000 (per month)
  • Assessment: $150
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: $300
  • Group Therapy: $100
  • Individual Session: $125
  • Family Therapy: $175

*Most major insurances accepted. We are not a provider accepting Medicare or Medi-cal, though. So, for questions about insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment centers, contact us over the phone and speak with one of our caring admission counselors.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Attend Intensive Outpatient Program Treatment At New Directions for Women

New Directions for Women is a Southern California addiction center that specializes in care for women. Here at New Directions for Women, our clinical motto is “Love, Kindness, and Compassion in all things.” That’s why we make a concerted effort to cater to all the needs of our female patients, even if that means investing in numerous different evidence-based addiction treatment programs and therapies.

Thus, whether our female patients are choosing to receive intensive outpatient program treatment at our facility or some other form of substance abuse treatment, there are plenty of treatment modalities available that they can incorporate into their rehab program to make sure that it caters to their individual needs. For more information on New Directions for Women’s intensive outpatient program or our inpatient facilities, give us a call today. 

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