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Substance Use

Addiction Treatment at Our Women's Rehab Center

At New Directions for Women, we treat women struggling with:

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New Directions for Women offers valuable rehab resources on alcohol addiction. We cover identification, societal influences, health impacts, and recovery steps. Our goal is to empower women with knowledge, enabling them to reclaim their lives from alcohol addiction.

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As benzodiazepines are often prescribed for legitimate medical purposes, understanding the thin line between use and misuse is crucial. Our rehab resources dive deep into the science behind benzodiazepine addiction, helping women understand the psychological and physiological impacts, and the steps toward recovery.

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Our educational materials on cocaine addiction shed light on the drug’s immediate allure and its long-term effects. By offering insights into the psychological hold that cocaine can establish, we equip women with knowledge and tools to overcome the addiction.

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Fentanyl, a potent opioid, poses significant health risks. Our resources strive to create awareness about its potency, the dangers of overdose, and effective treatment strategies. We believe that understanding the high-risk nature of fentanyl can be a stepping stone toward recovery.

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Our resources break down the complexities of heroin addiction, helping women understand the physical dependency, the threat it poses to their health, and the path to a heroin-free life. Our multi-pronged approach addresses the issue holistically, offering hope and guidance at each step.

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Despite its growing legal status and social acceptance, marijuana can still lead to dependency. Our materials on marijuana addiction debunk common misconceptions, explain the psychological effects, and provide strategies to overcome marijuana-related challenges.

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Methamphetamine, or meth, is a powerful stimulant with a high potential for addiction. We provide in-depth rehab resources on the physiological and psychological effects of meth, offering a comprehensive understanding of its addictive nature and providing a foundation for effective recovery strategies.

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With insomnia on the rise, sleeping pill addiction has become more prevalent. Our resources explain the risks associated with long-term use, the signs of dependency, and the steps toward recovery, helping women navigate their way to healthier sleep patterns and lifestyles.

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Often overlooked, inhalant addiction can have devastating health consequences. Our educational materials demystify inhalant addiction, offering insights into its dangers and providing actionable strategies for those seeking help.

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Depressants can lead to physical dependency and emotional imbalance. Our drug rehab resources provide a comprehensive understanding of these substances, their risks, and the path toward overcoming their grip.

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Stimulant addiction, involving substances like cocaine and meth, can lead to severe physical and mental health issues. Our materials offer a deep understanding of the fast-paced dependency cycle and provide a roadmap for recovery. With the right information, women can make empowered decisions toward a stimulant-free life.

Our Approach

Women tend to endure different challenges while going through the dark world of addiction. Unless their needs are specifically met, it’s unlikely that they can hope for a full recovery. When addiction affects a woman, it’s likely associated with some type of trauma that shouldn’t be ignored. For example, studies have shown that about half of the women attending rehab have been sexually assaulted or attacked at some point.

Women with a history of being sexually assaulted that are receiving addiction treatment here at New Directions have trauma therapy available to them. That way they can start working through such horrific events. Women who experience trauma that’s as intense as sexual abuse can’t expect to do as well in a mixed-gender rehab program that could trigger their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety. In fact, such trauma can even cause a hug with pure intentions from a man during rehab to derail recovery. 

As a result, no rehab lasting 30 to 90 days can hope to completely heal past scars from trauma. That’s why at our women’s treatment center, we incorporate therapies that give clients the tools needed to begin the process of healing immediately.

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