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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

The New Directions for Women treatment approach includes a full continuum of care so women can enter treatment at the right intensity, depending on the severity of their disease. Our programs include our onsite social model detox, residential rehab, partial day program (PDP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), intensive sober living (ISL), and general outpatient services, such as individual and group sessions.

Being a women’s only addiction treatment program, we provide gender separate, culturally relevant and holistic addiction treatment services that meet the special needs of women, women with children, pregnant women in any trimester, and their families that suffer from the chronic fatal disease of addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

With over 40 years of experience in successfully treating women and their families, we have found that women recovering among other women, dealing specifically with issues such as relationships, pregnancy, menopause, and self-esteem in gender specific groups has a profound effect on the recovery process. Our holistic approach offers a variety of services.

Types of Treatment for Women in Addiction:

  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Psychodrama
  • Equine therapy
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Physical exercise
  • Art
  • Gardening
  • Many varieties of experiential therapy


Our multi-disciplinary Treatment Team, comprised of Master’s Level Licensed Therapists and fully Certified Addiction Counselors, is passionate about providing comprehensive, individualized care with a recommended length of stay of 90 plus days. Research consistently shows that the longer a woman is in treatment to secure her foundation in recovery, the better outcome she will have for lasting abstinence and living a life beyond her wildest dreams.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Women

Research has shown that female alcoholics and addicts experience a number of barriers to receiving treatment, including child care responsibilities, and increased stigma. The well-researched concept of “telescoping”, refers to women presenting with a more severe clinical profile (eg, more medical, behavioral, psychological, and social problems) than men, despite having used less of the substance and having used the substance for a shorter period of time compared with men due to differences in women’s bodies (higher body fat percentage, etc). Because of this, women especially need longer lengths of treatment stays to heal their bodies ravaged by substance use.

Substance abuse among females is rooted more often in psychosocial problems and traumatic life events. Research shows that the majority of addicted women have suffered trauma or abuse, and these important gender differences suggest the need for specialized treatment programming for women. What we call “addiction” is a response to comfort-seeking in response to adversities experienced throughout life. One of our solutions to healing addiction is addressing our patients’ Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and helping them to find new ways of living beyond trauma. People with ACEs are up to four times more likely to use drugs compared to people who have zero ACEs. Our Chief Clinical Officer

Addiction Treatment and Detoxification

Gina Tabrizy, MS, MFT is a national speaker on trauma and addiction with over thirty years in the field. Her passion is understanding how trauma changes the life of a human being and providing trauma-informed care.

Providing a healing environment of care creates the safe space to treat patients with trauma. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Meditation gardens
  • Butterfly sanctuaries
  • Fountains around campus so women can seek tranquility and balance


Every staff member understands the sensitivities of working with patients who are highly reactive due to trauma. Having an all-female campus also minimizes triggers that could show up in co-ed facilities and provides space for women to uncover their wounds and begin to heal them.

We focus on inner child work: identifying the child within who experienced the trauma, and building a relationship so whenever the symptoms re-occur, each woman has a way to self-parent and self-soothe around that trauma. Psychodrama allows them to directly confront and role play the traumatic events in a safe group container where they will receive support while they walk through the timeline of their traumatic experience to come to a resolution.

Recovery from trauma is about adaptive processing, learning to do something differently than the behavior learned when the trauma originally occurred. For example, “when I was a child I couldn’t say ‘No,’ or walk out of the room and now I can”. We’re teaching each woman how to use her voice to stand up for herself and her inner child, and let go of the shame and pain associated with original traumatic events.

Drug Rehab Facility California

A woman’s day at NDFW is split up with heavy processing in the morning, including trauma recovery groups. In the afternoon, we move into physical and spiritual healing. All the while we provide calm environments for holistic services, which help to build internal comfort in that quiet time we’re not processing trauma. In the evening, we participate in 12 step support, experience different places of faith, and complete the day with a gratitude closure group around the firepit where we can celebrate our wins for the day. All of this allows our women to connect mind, body, and spirit for a well rounded recovery.

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