Drug Detox Services

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Drug Detox Services

New Directions for Women’s compassionate and experienced staff offers the highest standard of drug detox services. We understand that detox is not always the most comfortable process. Our goal is to make our detox center in Orange County as safe and beneficial as possible for each of our patients. 

What is Medical Detox?

It’s almost impossible to overcome substance addiction alone. The first step to overcoming addiction is ridding the body of all substances. Medical detox is a process that allows individuals to safely rid their bodies of abused substances. In Orange County, medical detox lasts anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Why Is Medical Detox Necessary?

Quitting drugs cold turkey alone at home is extremely dangerous. This is because it could cause the body to completely shut down and in some cases be fatal. Therefore, to be safe, it’s best to attend professional medical detox. 

Professional medical detox allows recovering addicts to detox from their drug or alcohol addiction at a detox facility with the supervision of a doctor and medical staff. That way if a patient starts to experience severe withdrawal symptoms during detox, the doctor can prescribe the patient prescription withdrawal medications to help. Our detox program follows all evidence-based practices for detoxification from drugs and alcohol.

It’s hard for individuals to stop using substances completely on their own, especially without support and a safe place to begin recovery. That’s why at New Directions for Women, we offer medically-assisted detox at our Orange County facility. 

What to Expect From Drug Detox Centers in Orange County

Drug and alcohol rehab is not a walk in the park by any means. It takes hard work and dedication to get through a detox program. Our staff at New Directions strives to provide each of our patients with what she needs to successfully complete drug or alcohol detox in Orange County, California. 

How it Works

The best drug detox technique is to gradually taper the patient’s drug use. The process continues until she has gotten to a point where she can be completely clean and sober. Tapering a person’s drug use during detox means to rid the body of substances. This vital step in detox allows the patient to gradually lower her substance use until she is no longer using substances at all. 

Tapering a person’s substance use during drug or alcohol detox helps that person’s body acclimate to being sober. That way detox doesn’t shock the patient’s body. 

Individuals that experience severe withdrawal symptoms can receive medically assisted detox to help them cope. Individuals that are experiencing extreme cravings during and after detox can also receive medication-assisted treatment.  

Side Effects of Detox

The side effects of drug detox can be unpleasant and extremely uncomfortable. These side effects arise during the “withdrawal phase” of detox. The drug detox withdrawal phase tends to be the biggest barrier to accessing substance abuse treatment. It forces a lot of women to feel “stuck” in an addiction. 

Some of the physical withdrawal symptoms that individuals can experience during drug detox include:

  • Panic attacks
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Profuse sweating
  • Heart palpitations
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Muscle aches and spasms
  • Disruption in sleep patterns, like sleeping too much or not being able to fall asleep

In more serious cases, withdrawal can lead to seizures, heart attacks, and even death. This is why at New Directions we encourage our patients not to try to go through drug detox alone. With the help of our physicians and medical staff, we’ll be able to ensure each patient’s safety throughout the detox process.

The Stages of Drug Detox

The New Directions social model detox is generally a three to seven-day program. Each New Directions for Women patient’s substance of choice and physical health determines her exact length of stay. For more severe cases within addiction treatment, drug detox can sometimes take multiple weeks to complete.

Who Oversees the New Directions for Women’s Medical Detox Program?

The New Directions consulting medical detox physician, Dr. Andrei N. Dokukin, oversees the policies, practices, and structures that the New Directions for Women’s medical detox program uses. Dr. Dokukin is well-versed in everything that goes along with the New Directions for Women detox process. 

New Directions for Women also utilizes other community physicians within its medical detox program, as each female patient gets to choose her healthcare provider. The female patients at New Directions for Women see their assigned physicians daily to ensure that their health is being monitored correctly.

What Happens During the Medical Detox Process at New Directions for Women?

During medical detox at New Directions for Women, physicians prescribe medications to patients with severe withdrawal symptoms. Physicians also monitor the vital signs of each New Directions medical detox patient every 30 minutes in the first 12 hours of detox, and every hour after that. This is to prevent anything unusual from happening, as the detox process is sometimes unpredictable.

The New Directions for Women wellness coordinator ensures the wellbeing of all detox patients. The wellness coordinator does this by utilizing holistic protocols that include an on-site infrared dry sauna, acupuncture, and mindfulness meditation. 

New Directions also contains a bio sound lounge, aromatherapy baths, and essential oils that detox patients can use to help ease any discomfort or anxiety that they may be feeling. The New Directions for Women wellness coordinator also works closely with a chef to create meal plans for detox patients that provide quality and wholesome nutrition.

After the Drug Detox Process is Complete

Upon completing drug detox at New Directions for Women, an individualized treatment plan is developed. The patient and New Directions staff then approve the individualized treatment plan. Once the treatment plan receives approval, addiction therapy commences. 

The individualized treatment plan that New Directions for Women patients receive is the roadmap for continued success in recovery. With it, New Directions for Women’s drug detox program patients continue with drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Whether a New Directions addiction treatment patient will attend residential treatment or outpatient treatment at the rehab facility will depend on her history with drug and alcohol abuse and the severity of her addiction. 

What Sets New Direction’s Orange County Detox Apart?

Drug Detox Services

When comparing different types of drug detox in Orange County, California, the medically assisted detox program here at New Directions for Women is top of the line. Part of what makes our medical detox program so great is the many unique features that it has that set it apart from all the other types of Orange County detox facilities. 

The Environment We Create

The caring and professional New Directions staff along with the home-like and comfortable setting that New Directions provides helps make the drug detox process easier for patients. Furthermore, New Directions for Women has built a campus that is a cocoon for women who are looking to transform their lives for the better through detox and addiction treatment in Orange County. 

As a result, women who receive substance abuse addiction treatment and drug detox in Orange County at New Directions for Women feel safe. New Directions for Women patients have also shared their appreciation for the southern California detox and treatment center’s beautiful environment of care and utmost concern for safety.

By Women, For Women

There aren’t many environments in which women can feel safe and be their true selves. That’s why the New Directions for Women treatment center was created. We give women a safe place and a support system that they can use while going through the difficult journey of addiction recovery. 

Since New Directions made the safety and support of women a priority, it’s seen so many success stories. As a result, since the fall of 2014, New Directions for Women has served countless women in the fight against addiction.  

Group Therapy Sessions

During drug detox at New Directions for Women, women can participate in early recovery groups and be a part of group therapy sessions. We also provide didactic or educational programming. 

To help foster a sense of community at the New Directions for Women treatment center, New Directions also provides an orientation to incoming patients. During this orientation, prospective patients can meet other women that are in our recovery community. This will help new treatment patients at our facility seamlessly integrate themselves into their next level of care upon completing detox. 

New Directions for Women patients are also introduced to the initial steps of Alcoholics Anonymous along with Refuge Recovery options. Discussions about being “fit for duty” are hard. That’s why we share information about the treatment center’s philosophy of care and treatment approaches, among other things. 

By sharing such information, we aim to help begin the addiction education process. That way New Directions for Women patients are fully prepared for a new lifestyle of recovery after detox.

Diversity Within the New Directions for Women Programs

Orange County detox and addiction treatment programs emphasize peer support and diversity. In doing so, New Directions offers special programs for various populations with specific needs, including mature women

Staying true to our core value of “diversity”, New Directions encourages a sisterhood between women of different backgrounds. We do this by promoting a family atmosphere and sharing powerful addiction recovery stories.

Due to making the diversity of its women patients a priority, our treatment center brings women who would have never met otherwise together. This helps provide our patients with a new appreciation for others’ situations as well as a new outlook on life.

Attend Medical Detox and Addiction Treatment At New Directions for Women Today

If you believe you or someone you know is suffering from drug and alcohol abuse, New Directions for Women is here to help. Our Orange County detox programs are top of the line and allow each of our patients to get a head start on their sobriety. 

To answer any inquiries that you may have about the detox or addiction treatment programs here at New Directions for Women, feel free to contact us by calling our facility or messaging us on our website. We hope to help you release yourself from the grip of addiction.

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