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Foundation Mission and Vision

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Transforming Lives Through Compassion:

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Our Mission: Transforming the lives of all women, women with children, and pregnant women affected by addiction.New Directions for Women

Our Vision: Striving to be the premier women’s treatment program in the nation.

In a world that’s consumed by the challenges of addiction, New Directions for Women is a beacon of hope, offering a unique and transformative solution. As a women-only substance abuse treatment facility, New Directions not only helps women on their journey to recovery but also extends its arms to their most precious companions – their children. We provide scholarships to women with limited to no resources, and we always cover the cost of children while they stay with us residentially.  With a commitment to healing, empowerment, and holistic support, your donations can make a remarkable difference in the lives of these women and their families.

Play space on NDFW campusAt New Directions, we focus on not only overcoming addiction, but also on rebuilding lives. With the support of dedicated professionals, women are empowered to rediscover their strengths, passions and potential. Your donations enable New Directions to offer comprehensive counseling, trauma informed therapy, and life skills training that nurture personal growth and emotional well-being.


Line drawing of a pregnant womanYour Donations Keep Families Together

What sets New Directions apart is its commitment to the family unit. By allowing women to bring their children into residential treatment, we recognize that recovery is a collective effort. Your contributions ensure that families stay together during this critical period, fostering an environment of love and support that aids in the healing process for both mothers and children.

Foundation Mission and VisionNew Directions unwavering dedication extends to even the most vulnerable members of our society – pregnant women struggling with addiction. With the capability to detox pregnant women at any trimester, New Directions is a lifeline for both mother and child. By donating, you play a critical role in safeguarding the health of the mother and baby, and the future of the family.

Every donation to New Directions for Women is an investment in transformation and hope. By supporting New Directions, you contribute to the stories of countless women who have found their strength, reclaimed their lives, and rebuilt their families. Each success story is a testament to the power of your generosity.

Donor Testimonials

By investing in New Directions I know that I am investing in the lives of women and children who deserve a chance to live a full life without substances. As a recovering woman myself, I have the opportunity to personally meet the patients at New Directions and see the hope in their eyes, hear the gratitude in their speech and witness their courageous actions.

— Karen Crosson Lutz
January 16, 2009

This nonprofit has been my philanthropic passion for two decades. NDFW helps addicted women in so many ways. The guidance, counseling, and education is not only productive for themselves, but for their children, families, and the community.

–Carole Pickup
January 16, 2017

Every time I walk onto the campus of New Directions for Women my heart is lifted. I am reminded of the desperate need in our community for a safe and loving environment where women and their children can recover from life threatening addictions. New Directions is the answer to the prayers of these women and their loved ones. New Directions for Women transforms these women into productive members of society. As each woman and child enters the facility, a life is changed and addiction is cured one by one … A second chance at life and a new beginning full of endless possibilities. I am forever grateful to New Directions for Women. With 17 years of sobriety, I am living proof that New Directions works!

–Darlene Quinn
January 16, 2017

We’re proud to be recognized as a financially accountable and transparent organization.

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