Levels of Care

New Directions for Women offers a full continuum of care. Each woman is assessed by our medical and clinical team, and based on the severity and progression of her addiction, she will be placed in the recommended level of care to begin the journey on her road to recovery. Our medical and clinical staff will determine appropriate length of stay in each level of care based upon patient’s progress. We work collaboratively with referents, family, and insurance companies – both in and out of network. Sometimes, New Directions for Women is the first stop on the journey and that path begins with detox. Other times, New Directions for Women serves as a care partner for an inpatient facility that is recommending additional, extended care so the patient can begin to ‘stretch her sober legs’ and use the tools she is learning in treatment in the community. We’ve had women stay in our treatment program for upwards of a year; the longer a woman stays in treatment the better likelihood of her sustained sobriety.  We welcome each woman and their family where they are, and love them until they can learn to love themselves. We start with a thorough assessment during the intake process to determine the right level of care.


The assessment process reviews all significant areas of our women’s substance use to include: amount, frequency of use, drug of choice, along with any co-occuring medical and/or psychiatric issues. As we are a program that accepts women with children and pregnant women, we ask about number of children and whether or not they will be joining the patient in treatment. We address all the criteria in the DSM V including withdrawal potential, recovery environment, and family history. Our caring intake counselors are specially trained in asking delicate questions that could potentially create a shame-response with respect, love, and without judgement. We understand that picking up the phone takes a lot of courage, and talking about these topics may be difficult. Sharing the full truth and history allows our team to establish a baseline and create a plan that most effectively brings a woman from addiction into recovery. It helps us determine what type of treatment is appropriate initially and what we see for future need. The assessment can be done over the phone or in-person at our Administrative Office in Costa Mesa, CA. We work collaboratively with the referent and the family to get a full picture and complete assessment.


Detox is a medical process to safely eliminate substances from the body. Our Medical Director meets personally with each woman to customize a detox regiment which will safely manage withdrawal potential. Detox can take anywhere from 3-7 days (and sometimes longer) based on amount and frequency of use. Our detox is offered on our main campus in Founders House, just steps away from our clinical care staff so that 24 hour monitoring may occur. The use of Western (i.e. prescribed medications) and Eastern medicines (i.e. infrared dry sauna, biofeedback lounge, essential oils, nutrition) are used in conjunction to create a healing opportunity. We have been thoughtful about the opiate epidemic that is sweeping our nation and therefore incorporated age old therapies to heal body, mind, and spirit.


We think of our four acre campus as a cocoon where our woman can engage in a transformation from addiction into recovery. We are nestled one block away from Newport Beach’s Back Bay Nature Preserve and have a very safe, tranquil environment where woman can heal.  In our home-like environment, our residents are under our care and monitored 24 hours a day,  7 days a week. Our daily programming begins first thing in the morning with hygiene (life skills) and mindfulness meditation to begin our day fit for duty, and concludes with a closure group before lights out. Our case managers are responsible for assisting our women with the challenges that have often led them to seeking treatment services. These may include employment, legal, custody, and other related issues. Our therapists are responsible for clinical interventions, family engagement, treatment planning, education on the brain disease of addiction. Our women with children have an on-site home called Faith House, where they can live “family style” together.  There is a Saturday Family Group offered for all patients in residential, PDP, and IOP and their family members.

Partial Day Program

Partial Day (or PDP) is offered in our stand-alone Outpatient offices for 6 hours, 5 days a week and may be used as an entrance into treatment and recovery or as a part of our continuum of care. Participants can either live on-site or in their own supportive housing in the community.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) is offered 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, and is available either in the day or in the evening. Women who work during the day, go to school at night, or otherwise have obligations including childcare or volunteer work, can utilize these services either as a first-stop in their recovery journey or as a “step-down” from a higher level of care.

Intensive Sober Living

New Directions for Women is proud to be the only CARF accredited Sober Living in Orange County. Our Intensive Sober Living (ISL) home provides a structured intermediate step between residential care and independent living, where women can support one another with the daily challenges of early recovery. Women in our ISL are encouraged to obtain a “get well” job, continue their schooling, or volunteer. They must actively be engaged in ongoing outpatient therapy at NDFW. Our staff provide round the clock supervision and monitoring and a live-in house mother provides support to our women.


Also considered “general outpatient,” aftercare is offered as a combination of individual and group therapy sessions to ensure our patients in early recovery have a safe place to continue working on recovery with professional help after they complete the 16-week outpatient program, based on individual need and circumstance.

Included Services for Our Women

Individual and Group Therapy

Interactive daily process groups with the patient’s primary therapist and peers provide an opportunity to address issues and learn new ways of functioning and living. In addition to individual therapy sessions and process groups, we offer specialized psycho-educational groups such as relapse prevention, communication, grief and anger management, and life skills workshops to facilitate growth.

Experiential Therapies

bigstockphoto_Woman_Saddling_Horse_1502213-1 A wide range  of different opportunities such as rock climbing, hiking and equine therapy challenge personal limits and provide experiential avenues into healing and growth.  In equine therapy, the work consists of grooming, leading and guiding the horse through obstacles. Working with horses elicits reactions from people ranging from joy to fear. These reactions are reviewed and discussed, allowing a new and different forum for our patients to connect with their feelings. This process allows our patients to become more aware of their communication skills and improve upon them.

Trauma Therapy

One’s primary therapist can assist the patient to explore past traumas and possible contributing factors to their addiction problems. The assistance is designed to provide a safe, yet challenging experience for our patients to connect with their feelings.

Concurrent Medical Issues in a Social Model Program

As a residential social model recovery program, we encourage patients to utilize in-community services so they can begin learning effective ways to care for themselves. We have addiction specialists such as our consulting Medical Director, and ancillary care partners for psychiatric, chiropractic, medical, and dental. We have state of the art medical options available and we are able to give our women choices. It is healthy for our patients to begin to make choices, research, and pick what their individualized wraparound services will be.

Children Services

New Directions is very involved in meeting the special needs of our children. Prenatal exposure to alcohol can cause a spectrum of disorders, one of which is fetal alcohol syndrome [more info] and thus assessments that identify learning disabilities, developmental delays and clinical and medical needs are provided during treatment. Family, individual and play therapy as well as Mommy and Me bonding time are included in our program services. Education about alcoholism and addiction as a family disease is provided. We facilitate parenting education and greater parent-child communication. School age children are afforded the opportunity to enroll in local Newport Mesa schools while younger children and infants attend our on site daycare program.

Family Treatment Services

Family involvement is essential in treating this disease and is an integral part of the recovery program. Weekly family and multi-family group sessions are offered that include education and therapy as well as private family sessions. [more info]


This is an interactive method of therapy that uses group interaction and role play to help patients delve into and investigate their inner and outer worlds and experiences. Psychodrama is action-oriented and also helps patients practice new behaviors in all realms of their lives.

Spirituality and Meditation

services-offered-garden Daily meditation, yoga classes, attendance at 12-Step groups, gardening sessions, weekly time with sponsors and assistance with 12-Step work allow the patients to explore and connect with their Higher Power.


Physical fitness is important to the overall health of everyone.  Our patients are able to engage in a variety of exercise, including working out weekly with a personal trainer on campus, using the on-site gym and walking and bicycling in the Newport Back Bay nature preserve.

Spa Services

We offer low-cost massages to our patients on-site.  We also work with local salons and day spas to provide extracurricular amenities such as facials, massages, haircuts, and styling. These services are provided at an ancillary cost.

After Care and Follow-up

After care services are coordinated prior to completion of treatment utilizing our extensive network of private practitioners to meet the individual needs of each woman and her family.  New Directions offers weekly aftercare groups to assist each woman in meeting her after care plans.  New Directions is also blessed to have a national base of recovering women who can help our new alumnae on their continued recovery journey.