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Participating in the 12 Step Program While Pregnant?

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The 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is well known for helping people struggling with addiction, even though it is an anonymous program. The origin of the program was in the early 20th century following a religious movement by the Oxford Group.  The group worked on ideas of self-inventory, admitting one’s wrongs, making amends, using prayer and meditation while carrying this message to others.   Since then dozens of other self help groups have been created expanding upon the original 12 steps from AA; some of which include Adult Children of Alcoholics (1973), ACA, Al-Anon and Alateen (1951), for friends and families of alcoholics, Cocaine Anonymous (1982), CA, Gamblers Anonymous (1957), GA, and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (1976), SLAA, just to name a few.

These groups are designed for everyone, whether male or female, rich or poor, old young, and even those who are expecting a child. It is a group that does not discriminate because the disease of addiction is an equal opportunity disease.

Attending 12 step programs is hugely beneficial to women starting their recovery journey because it provides support and a space to check in with others who also have a chemical dependency or an addictive disorder. A 12 step program is one of the best tools that a woman can utilize to start her recovery journey and begin living a life of sobriety.

How many people in a 12 Step program? These programs continue to grow in popularity and availability through attraction rather than promotion.

Pregnant women often times feel like they might feel ashamed to attend a 12 step meeting and publicly identify as an alcoholic or drug addict.  When the life of a child is in the equation it is even more important than ever that the addiction be addressed. Not only is the mother’s health and well-being a concern, but also there is cause for concern of the unborn child’s welfare. Pregnant women do not need to feel ashamed because when attending a 12 step meeting, they are most likely welcomed with open arms. Pregnant women can even find 12 Step meetings for women, 12 Step meetings for mothers, and 12 Step meetings that provide daycare.

What’s more comforting is that those who attend the 12 Step programs are people that have been in the very same shoes. They are likeminded women or men who have gone through the same lows and will applaud you for your courageous decision to seek help.

At present, it is also possible to attend a 12 step group from the comfort of your home remotely via that internet. While it isn’t recommended that this be used alone, it is wonderful to know that 24/7, at anytime, you have an opportunity to connect with other recovering people that can provide support to you, even if you are unable to attend a meeting physically. For a pregnant woman, this option is favorable as she may not always be physically feeling up to going out to a meeting.

Addiction is a lifelong chronic disease that affects over 23 million people in the United States. Only 10 percent of those people will get help this year. We know that addiction can be accompanied by strong feelings of guilt and shame, but you do not need to suffer in silence. There are options that can help you live a healthy life of sobriety.  We encourage you to look up local 12-step meetings in your area. If you would like additional information on 12 step programs, feel free to give us a call.  We are a residential and outpatient addiction treatment provider that is founded in the 12 steps of AA. We have several types of on-campus 12 Step meetings and all of our patients attend multiple 12 step meetings every week with staff supervision.

Our caring admissions counselors are available 24/7 to take your call and answer any questions you may have on getting help.  Reach us by phone at 800-93-WOMEN. We can help.  Stay in the loop with New Directions for Women by connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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