90 Day Holistic Drug Rehab Women

90 Day Holistic Drug Rehab Women

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    90 Day Holistic Drug Rehab Women

    A 90 day holistic drug rehab for women does not only aim to treat just one part of  the affected individual, but aims to treat the person entirely. This will include full body detoxification, rehab, and treatment of the body, inner soul and spirit, and mind. When a woman completes this program, she can expect to regain her old self back. She will once again enjoy full relationships with family members, friends, and colleagues, and enjoy a healthier life on many fronts.

    With holistic treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, all aspects of a person’s whole being will be treated. To treat the body women will be encouraged to participate in several physical activities like swimming, hiking, playing a certain sport, or perhaps finishing assigned chores. To treat the mind several counseling meetings will be done not just for the affected individual, but the immediate family members as well. This helps each person gain an understanding of the situation as well as act as support and encouragement for each one. To treat the inner soul the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous will be used, as it has helped millions of people worldwide achieve lifelong sobriety.  Here the women will receive proper care, respect from the professional staff members, and a nice place where they can mingle and meet new friends, while seeking help and treatment.

    At New Directions for Women we have a dedicated staff that would never judge or shame any patient. Instead, our staff is trained to treat patients with utmost respect and care, and to provide them with encouragement so that they can be free from the addiction, if they submit themselves to the different therapies we offer. Recovery is only possible if the person and family system are invested.

    Furthermore, the staff at New Directions for Women is well trained and educated in handling patients who are suffering from an addiction, regardless of the type of substance that they are addicted too. This can be cocaine, opium, meth, heroin, alcohol or any other substance.  Remember, each substance may give different effects towards a person who gets addicted to it. Therefore, treatments differ, depending on the kind of addiction. New Directions for Women offers the same option to women, children and families who desire a similar result. Know someone who needs treatment (even if they are not a female)? Contact us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-939-6636. We can help.


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