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substance abuse and psychosis

Which Substances Cause Drug-Induced Psychosis?

The National Alliance on Mental Illness defines psychosis as an episode in which an individual has a break from reality. It often includes hallucinations and delusions or strong false beliefs despite evidence to the contrary. Substances such as alcohol and …

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ATCPCC Testimonial – Marcia Nickow

At Timberline Knolls we treat addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders and underlying trauma.  It’s very important to identify and treat trauma in addicted populations because oftentimes the addictions are solutions to untreated, unresolved, sometimes unremembered trauma. Family treatment is a …

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90 Day Holistic Drug Rehab Women

A 90 day holistic drug rehab for women does not only aim to treat just one part of  the affected individual, but aims to treat the person entirely. This will include full body detoxification, rehab, and treatment of the body, …

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Dealing with Drug Addiction of Your Significant Other

Dealing with drug addiction in your family is one of the biggest challenges anyone can face. When your partner, husband or wife is an addict, what do you do?  Commonly, the first thing that anyone does is to use the …

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Opiate Addiction Treatment

You should seek opiate addiction treatment right away if you are one of the many thousands of men or women who are dealing with such an addiction. Opiates, harvested from opium poppies, are synthetic chemicals that bind to the opioid receptors …

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Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal signs are something that someone with an addiction experiences when they stop taking drugs and/or alcohol. Physiological withdrawal symptoms affect nearly all individuals who are addicted to any substance, with rates as high as 90%. There is no way to …

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