September is National Recovery Month

Tag: Substance abuse

12 Step Groups for Women

If you are looking for a good support group for women struggling with chemical dependency, New Directions for Women can help. As a facility, we are deeply rooted in the 12 Steps. Along with the 12 Steps we provide group …

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12 Step Meetings for Women in Costa Mesa, CA

If you are looking to find the best 12 Step meetings for women in Costa Mesa, then you have come to the right place! At New Directions for Women we take pride in transforming lives. We offer various meetings on …

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90-Day Addiction Treatment Women

Alcohol or drug addiction in women is a chronic disease. However, with programs like a 90 day addiction treatment for women, the disease can be treated which will leave you or your loved one with a healthier and sober life. …

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90-Day Holistic Drug Rehab Women

A 90 day holistic drug rehab for women does not only aim to treat just one part of the whole being of the affected individual, but aims to treat the person entirely. This will include full body detoxification, rehab, and …

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12 Step Rehab for Pregnant Women

A 12 step rehab program is absolutely needed by women who are expecting a child and also burdened by a drug or alcohol addiction. Not only can drugs and alcohol cause physical, emotional, and other types of damage to the …

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Birth Defects from Alcohol

Using alcohol during pregnancy will have lasting affects on your baby. Adult bodies can better process alcohol than the bodies of smaller babies, especially those still forming inside the mother’s body. There are many birth defects that can result from using …

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