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12 Step Groups for Women

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12 step group for women

If you are looking for a good support group for women struggling with chemical dependency, New Directions for Women can help. As a facility, we are deeply rooted in the 12 Steps. Along with the 12 Steps we provide group and individual therapy, lifelong social support through our active Alumnae association, and traditional and experiential therapies. We utilize the 12 Steps in our program to help members find lifelong recovery. We find that it is the most successful in maintaining wellness over a lifetime.

The Anonymous support groups are dedicated to men and women who are suffering from the disease of addiction. They include but are not limited to Alcohol Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, and Crystal Meth Anonymous. Maintaining anonymity is a cornerstone of the Anonymous groups. The principle of confidentiality is very important. Members take solace in the fact that any information they share will not be repeated, which allows participants to share at a soul level.

The fellowship does not require anything from its members but a basket to may be passed around to cover any costs. Donations maintain facilities and keep the meetings self-supporting. The groups only ask that each member have the same aspirations of maintaining recovery.

Women’s maintenance of sobriety and the recovery process is different from their male counterparts. For this reason, it could be extremely beneficial for you or your loved one to seek out 12 Step meetings that are exclusive to women. Some offer childcare services so that you do not have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Meetings are held on a regular basis. Here in Orange County, Calif. you can find many 12 Step meetings to fit your schedule. In some meetings, a speaker will share their story. Other times, participants can share freely on a topic, and share their real life issues or concerns. 12 Step meetings are held in both small and large settings.

Any woman who is suffering from addiction should consider attending a local 12 Step meeting. Dealing with the debilitating, chronic disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction requires support. At New Directions for Women we know how transformative and life changing recovery is. 12 Step meetings have proven to be successful for women of all walks of life. Don’t let the opportunity for support pass you by.

We encourage you to look up local 12-step meetings. If you would like additional information on 12 Step programs please call us. We have several types of on-campus 12 Step meetings that are open to the community, and all of our patients attend multiple 12 step meetings every week with staff supervision.

New Directions for Women is a treatment facility located in California that offers help to women, pregnant women, women with children and families who desire a similar result. Our caring admissions counselors are available 24/7 to take your call and answer any questions you may have on getting help. Reach us by phone at 800-93-WOMEN. Stay in the loop with New Directions for Women by connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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