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Recovery is approached somewhat differently at our women’s treatment center than at any other California rehab in Orange County. It’s been our experience that women often need a distinct and separate type of rehab care. This is because many women do not achieve recovery as easily in co-ed alcohol rehabs in California.

The type of delicate, yet effective, care that’s offered for women in the alcohol rehabs in California exceeds expectations. Programs at our exclusive women’s treatment center are designed by women, for women. This is beneficial because other women know best the life experiences that a woman goes through that will factor into how she will best receive addiction treatment. Plus, women experience addiction differently than men do, and thus, require more directed treatment services.

The Benefits of a Women’s Only Treatment Center

Men and women simply have different emotional and physical needs. This is due to societal gender standards and the biological differences between genders. While both women and men benefit from standard therapies like 12-step support group meetings, women require more for complete health.

More often than not, addiction develops as an unhealthy means to cope with environmental factors. Women experience abuse and victimization at higher rates than men. Thus, it’s difficult for the needs of women to be heard in traditional rehab. Little research was performed on women’s needs for addiction rehabilitation until the late 1970s and 80s.

Addiction Treatment Programs for Women

Prior to the 1970s and 80s, substance abuse was simply a binary process to treat addiction and help individuals maintain sobriety. Thus, little was known about the obstacles that women face that often cause them to relapse.

Women’s treatment centers provide care for sexual abuse by means of gender-specific therapy. Today, this is an extremely sought-after program.

Sexual assault and abuse are now being recognized as major triggers for substance use and addiction. These needs must be taken into consideration for a women’s treatment center to administer effective care.

Statistics on Women’s Treatment Centers Focus on Uplifting Families

There are also factors like family and children that can prevent a woman from getting the care that she deserves. For example, the unwillingness to be absent from the home prevents women from admitting the need for proper addiction treatment. Realistically though, the continuance of active addiction will do far more harm to a woman’s family if left untreated. That’s why we offer rehab for mothers with children here at New Directions for Women.

According to the National Association of Children of Alcoholics (NACOA), in 75% of cases, children of alcoholic mothers are unknowingly mistreated. Additionally, 73% of children whose predominant caregiver suffers from untreated alcoholism remain in the foster system until they’re 18 years old.

Women’s Treatment Centers Focus on Uplifting Families

Here at New Directions rehabilitation, we provide rehab for mothers with children. Our California rehab center here in Orange County does this by providing an outlet for children while their mothers are in treatment.

Because a woman’s addiction has an effect on the lives of those around her, the family of the woman must also work through trauma. If addiction issues from the mother persist through her child’s adolescence, children of alcoholics are more likely to abuse alcohol. Such individuals are also more likely to neglect alcohol treatment themselves one day.

Therefore, ensuring that a woman’s treatment center takes the needs of the woman’s children into consideration is essential to the recovery of the entire family. Such family-oriented types of services are exclusively offered at the New Directions for Women treatment center as part of its rehab regimen.

The alcohol rehabs in California add value to a woman’s recovery and new, sober life. Furthermore, the benefits of rehab for mothers with children are endless. Thus, our women’s rehab in California is prepared with ways to administer valuable support to its clients. For more than 40 years, the alcohol treatment rehab programs here at New Directions for Women in Orange County, CA have led families back toward the right track.

New Directions for Women’s Alcohol Rehab in Orange County, CA Makes Health a Priority

The New Directions for Women’s treatment center offers alcohol rehabs in California that understand the importance of women’s health. We also offer an extensive list of other addiction treatment programs. On top of that, we offer the preparation of an aftercare plan to avoid relapse.

Alcohol treatment isn’t something that can just be completed and then forgotten about. In fact, women are three times more likely than men to be admitted to the emergency room for overdose due to alcohol addiction relapse. Therefore, we here at New Directions go above and beyond to cover and account for the extraordinary needs that make up sober wellness.

New Directions for Women alcohol rehabs in California even offers a broad holistic approach to treatment. Besides traditional therapies, our clients here at New Directions can receive everything from meditation courses and trauma therapy to more contemporary forms of addiction therapy. Here at New Directions, we truly do place the health of women first during alcohol treatment.

Alcohol Addiction and Women-Only Rehab

The fact is, women usually endure different challenges while going through the dark world of addiction. Therefore, unless their needs are specifically met, it’s unlikely that they can hope for a full recovery.

When addiction affects a woman, it’s likely associated with some type of trauma that can’t be ignored. For example, studies have shown that about half of the women attending rehab have been sexually assaulted or attacked at some point.

Women with a history of being sexually assaulted that are receiving addiction treatment here at New Directions have trauma therapy available to them. That way they can start working through such horrific events.

Women who experience trauma that’s as intense as sexual abuse can’t expect to do as well in a mixed-gender rehab program that could trigger their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety. In fact, such trauma can even cause a hug with pure intentions from a man during rehab to derail recovery.

As a result, no rehab lasting 30 to 90 days can hope to completely heal past scars from trauma. That’s why at our women’s treatment center, we incorporate therapies that give clients the tools needed to begin the process of healing immediately.

New Directions Rehabilitation for Pregnant Women

Here at New Directions for Women alcohol rehabs in California, we take a proactive role in meeting the needs of our clients’ children as well. Prenatal alcohol exposure can trigger a whole variety of disorders, including fetal alcohol syndrome. Therefore, we provide assessments to identify the various issues that can appear within a baby during the pregnancy of a woman that’s struggled with alcohol addiction.

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We also provide assessments to identify any issues that can arise in a baby of a woman that was struggling with alcohol addiction during pregnancy after birth. Then, using the information collected, we’ll address the medical needs of our pregnant alcohol rehab clients during the course of treatment. Rehab for mothers with children here at New Directions rehabilitation in Orange County, CA can help pregnant women achieve sobriety despite the barriers that often get in their way.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that about 1 in 1,000 infants born are exposed to alcohol while in utero. The range between 0.2 and 1.5 cases of alcohol use by the mother has resulted in fetal alcohol syndrome. These findings of alcohol-dependent women in the U.S. further reinforces the need for specialized women’s treatment centers.

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most stressful events a woman can face in her lifetime. However, these can also be exciting times for which women can prepare. Women’s treatment centers, such as New Directions rehabilitation, are specially designed to create environments that will allow pregnant clients to experience a smooth transition into sober motherhood. Such alcohol rehab programs for pregnant women set a new standard for women’s rehab expectations.

Why Are More Rehabs Designed for Men?

Though many women can benefit from a rehab designed exclusively for women, the majority of rehab centers cater to either both genders or the male gender. This is likely because, throughout history, data on addiction has been largely based on the evaluations of men. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that women’s addiction began to be relevant in studies.

When these new gender-specific studies were released, it was concluded that more than 11% of males were addicts and 6.4% of females were addicts. Additionally, men were less likely to seek emergency medical care for an overdose. This resulted in an increase of addiction-related deaths in males, suggesting male substance abuse needed more attention.

While it’s important for any person suffering from an addiction to seek help, women’s treatment centers were lacking resources. This was likely because more focus was on providing addiction treatment for men since more of them suffered from addiction.

Because men are statistically more likely to suffer from addiction than women, many rehabs are designed to predominantly treat men. However, this leaves an enormous margin of women who don’t have proper treatment programs to meet their needs.

Luckily, alcohol rehabs in California have since gained popularity, thus allowing for more support and resources. Women’s treatment centers such as New Directions provide the key to helping independently treat alcoholism in women.

Detox Services for Women Suffering from Addiction

Treatment for alcoholism typically begins with detox. That’s because the detox process is necessary to begin addiction therapy and receive the lesson programs that go along with it. By allowing harmful substances to be flushed from a woman’s system, each woman can begin to heal from addiction-related trauma with a sober start.

New Directions rehabilitation for women in Orange County, CA approaches the detox process both aggressively and gently. Detox clients that experience severe withdrawal symptoms can receive prescription withdrawal medications from the detox center’s doctors and rehab professionals to help them manage their withdrawal symptoms. Medications can even be used while drug detoxing while pregnant.

Residential Women’s Treatment Center

Post-detox, we recommend that all of our alcohol rehab clients receive residential addiction treatment. Our residential treatment program here at New Directions for Women in Orange County, CA provides clients with a safe and comfortable place to live while participating in required addiction treatment sessions. Taking one day at a time, each woman can work through her wellness journey.

According to a study, pregnant women who suffer from addiction benefited from residential treatment. Pregnant women who entered a rehab facility with an active addiction and received treatment showed improvement in the following ways:

  • Fewer women had given birth to infants with low birth weight
  • Fewer premature deliveries
  • Significantly lower infant death rates

These findings are based on national averages, comparing pregnant women with an active addiction to those that are rehabilitated and sober. Still, residential care can help any woman facing alcohol addiction, regardless of circumstance or pregnancy.

Women who attend rehab at inpatient facilities that incorporate their children into their treatment programs have average success rates that are between 68% and 71%. This statistic only further proves why women’s treatment centers should also cater to the needs of the children of their clients.

Addiction treatment programs and therapy groups are available and easy to attend at the New Directions for Women campus. Also, living at the New Directions rehabilitation facility while receiving care gives women the opportunity to be removed from dangerous environments where alcoholism is able to thrive. Thus, once in our care, women can place their focus and attention on their rehabilitation, sobriety, and recovery.

Partial Day Rehab for Women

Our alcohol rehabs in California take into consideration the needs of women and their obligations to their families. Many times, a woman simply can’t dedicate every day all day to herself. This is when partial day programs, also known as partial hospitalization programs, are the ideal option.

Partial day programs allow for time away from rehab facilities in the evenings to tend to personal priorities. That way, our female clients can take care of family business during off-hours and prioritize treatment in the on-hours.

While attending our partial day programs here in Orange County, CA, women can focus on rehab without having to worry as much about what’s going on at home. This is ideal since it can be difficult to focus on lessons and therapy knowing there are unresolved obligations elsewhere. By allowing personal needs to be satisfied during appropriate times, such stressors are alleviated.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

During alcohol rehab here at New Directions for Women in Orange County CA, there will be different programs that can assist women in mending their families. Regardless of the program a woman enrolls in, residential treatment or intensive outpatient alcohol treatment for women, types of therapy available are:

On top of rehab treatment, female clients and their families will become educated about alcoholism. This will allow families to take on the disease of alcoholism together as a unit.

Part of our goal here at New Directions for Women is to facilitate better parent-child communication and parenting education. We value this goal because we know that contributing to a family’s overall fulfillment gives women further purpose toward remaining sober from alcohol addiction.

Our Holistic Approach to Alcohol Treatment

Here at the New Directions for Women treatment center, our therapies are essentially based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We also believe in healing by taking an optimal holistic approach. Having a holistic approach to alcohol treatment enables us to treat the mind, body, and spirit rather than only healing the physical troubles of addiction.

There are further developments to be made after addiction has infiltrated a woman’s life. Such developments include making strides forward both mentally and spiritually.

To achieve this, our alcohol rehabs in California provide clients with time to participate in:

  • Daily classes in both yoga and meditation
  • 12-step groups
  • Teaching therapeutic gardening sessions
  • And so much more… including a fitness program!

New and Exciting Therapies at Our Orange County Alcohol Rehab

There are even opportunities to take part in our experiential therapies. Some examples of the popular experiential therapies that we offer include rock climbing. Such adventures allow clients to challenge their own limits and gain an experiential avenue into healing. Facilities for alcohol rehabs in California that are located in Orange County, CA such as ours have the perfect scene to enjoy the experience of experiential therapies.

Intensive Sober Living Orange County Alcohol Rehab

One of the most essential treatment options for alcohol rehabs in California is women’s sober living. Individuals mostly utilize women’s sober living services after detox and initial treatment has been completed. In order for our New Directions clients to fully acclimate to a sober life, they have the opportunity to reside within our women-only sober community immediately after completing rehab.

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Sober living services in the form of a women’s sober living community can increase the chances that a person in addiction recovery will be able to maintain sobriety long-term. This is an important tidbit of information as women in recovery often struggle to remain sober. In fact, women in recovery initially reported that only 20% were able to remain sober after treatment. However, when inquiring about the success rates of those living in sober homes, the reports of those remaining sober improved.

Some stats about the rate of women that were able to avoid relapsing after living in a sober living community for a certain period of time include:

  • After 180 days, 40% avoided relapse
  • 45% avoided relapse after 365 days
  • After 540 days or the equivalent of 18 months, more than half of the residents were able to successfully reintegrate into traditional housing, while maintaining their recovery goals.

These stats make it evident that women’s sober living facilities only improve the chances that women will be able to maintain sobriety long-term after treatment. Furthermore, our women’s sober living community not only allows for sober readjustment but has outstanding success rates in avoiding relapse.

Mental Health and Alcohol Addiction Therapies Orange County

A woman’s mental health is one of the most important aspects of total wellness. California rehab in Orange County provides a multitude of different programs to women in need of counseling.

Aside from the stress of alcohol addiction, underlying mental illness or stress-related life experiences can hinder the recovery process. This can impede recovery efforts. It can also rob a woman of her emotional, and even physical wellness, if left unmanaged.

We offer more traditional therapies. We do this to ensure that women’s needs are met while attending Orange County alcohol rehabs in California. Data collected to measure the top life concerns of women and men, children’s wellness aside, had shocking and relevant results. For both men and women, a top concern was facing alcoholism, followed closely by diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. (Nearly behind were money problems and relationship health.)

Women were more likely to come forward about facing psychological illness. On the other hand, they were less likely, by half, to address alcohol abuse. In order to provide the appropriate care for women to assess these top priority life stressors, traditional approaches have significance.

Proven effective, women in need of addiction treatment will take part in:

  • Traditional individual and group therapies
  • Trauma therapies
  • Help with medical issues
  • Psychodrama
  • Aftercare and future coping targeting programs

Having essential programs available, designed by professionals, gives women at Orange County alcohol rehabs in California a chance to turn things around. It is never too late to address the issues that have been weighing you down.

Therapy and addiction treatment at alcohol rehabs in California County, CA, is armed with the essentials. The goal is to be able to guide women on an extraordinary sober path, free from the fear of addiction.

Getting Help: All Women’s Alcohol Rehab in Orange County CA

If you’re a woman in need of California rehab in Orange County, receive it right here. The longer you wait to get the care that you need, the bigger an addiction can grow.

Alcoholism will take over every area of your life if you continue to let it. Contact us now at (888) 312-5499 to reserve your spot at our women’s-only facility.

You no longer have to fear the stigma of rehab. You don’t have to feel threatened or alone.

Women’s treatment centers for alcohol rehabs in California like New Directions for Women have room for you. Get help getting sober in groups of women like you. The health of your family, or even your life, could depend on it. Take the second chance.

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