Onsite Daycare at Treatment Centers

Onsite Daycare at Treatment Centers

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    Onsite Daycare at Treatment Centers

    Mothers who are addicted to drugs and alcohol need quality rehab centers with onsite daycare. Entering a rehab center can be the  first step towards starting a recovery journey, and for mothers with children in tow, they need a licensed childcare professional or daycare so they can focus on themselves during the clinical treatment day.

    At New Directions for Women onsite daycare is available for any mother wishing to attend rehab and break free from the pain of addiction. It is available for boys and girls up to the age of thirteen, with trained professionals providing children an assortment of fun activities as moms attend group therapy, individual therapy, and more.

    Attending a treatment center is vital for some people in overcoming addiction. Many times it plays a lifesaving role in someone’s life. That is why it is so important that parents can enter treatment even though  they have children. Children are affected by their mother’s addictions, making that treatment even more important to attain. At New Directions we have a family treatment program, which is grounded in the 12 step principles. The behavior and habits of a chemically dependent mother can affect a child in numerous ways. Therefore our family treatment program counsels the children and helps them to become stronger emotionally and build resilience.

    The Effects of Drugs

    As you are most certainly aware, drugs affect everyone they encounter. There are problems in every area of life when drugs are used. Health problems range from liver and heart issues to withdrawal and breathing and lung problems. Using drugs can cause one to destroy their life slowly. From ruining relationships with family and friends to losing homes, money, and jobs, simply because nothing matters more than the drug.

    Drugs are powerful, there is no doubt about that. Every single day they are causing problems to millions of people across the states. Women are a large majority of these individuals falling prey to addiction. Getting treatment is one of the best things a mom can ever do, but it is hard.  Most often it takes the help of a rehab center to end the addiction. Women who attend New Directions are getting the help they need without having to worry about making the choice between recovery and custody.

    Onsite daycare at New Directions for Women allows moms to attend meetings and sessions as they are needed. The availability of childcare on site can ensure those groups, ranging from Relationships to Anger Management to Relapse Prevention, and a lifetime of recovery can be attained. Do you know someone who needs treatment (even if they are not a female)? Contact us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-939-6636. We can help.


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