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Detox and Addiction During Pregnancy

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If You Are An Addicted Expecting Mother, There is Hope

Pregnant Detox

It’s not uncommon for women to struggle with a substance use disorder, get pregnant, and be unable to stop getting high – despite their strong desire to do so.  Addiction makes it next to impossible for women to make healthy, rational, positive choices when it comes to their own health and the safety of their unborn child. This is the nature of a substance use disorder. We want you to know that you do not have a moral deficiency or character flaw. You have a treatable medical condition.

Using drugs while you are pregnant can cause major problems for you and your unborn child. The sooner you get sober, the better it will be for you and the baby. Time is precious when you’re expecting and struggling with addiction. If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, reach out to us at New Direction for Women today.

Can You Detox During Pregnancy? Is It Safe?

Detoxing while pregnant is safe, but it must always be done under a doctor’s supervision. Pregnant women face significant risks if they continue using harmful substances, as these can adversely affect both their health and the development of their unborn child. 

Professional detox programs offer a secure setting where withdrawal symptoms can be carefully handled. This not only keeps the mother’s health safe, but it also keeps the baby as safe as possible. Due to the high risk of problems like miscarriage, birth defects, and extreme withdrawal symptoms that could put both mother and child in danger, detox should never be attempted alone.

Detox and Pregnancy – What You Should Know

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Detoxification is the initial step in breaking the addiction cycle. Simply put, this means, “getting the drugs out of your system.” It sounds easy, but it’s not. Detoxing is a major concern for pregnant people who are addicted to drugs.

At New Directions for Women, we’ve been helping expecting moms get sober for more than 40 years. Many women have come to us throughout the years with the question, “How do you detox drugs out of your system when you’re pregnant?” 

The answer is simple.

If you’re pregnant and looking to detox, the best and most secure option is to go for a professional medical detox with a team of experts overseeing your progress.

You SHOULD NOT attempt to detox on your own.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Detox on Your Own When You Are Pregnant

Many addicted pregnant women think they can detox on their own without professional help. To do this, they slowly stop using drugs, buy detox kits that they can use at home, and drink a lot of water to clean out their bodies. There are three main reasons why this is a bad idea.

  1. Drug cravings can be overwhelming for anyone who is early in sobriety. This is especially true when you are pregnant and the hormones are raging. If you were able to stop doing drugs on your own, you would’ve done so by now. You might be able to quit for a few days, but the odds of long-term, ongoing sobriety are not in your favor. 
  2. Detoxing drugs out of your system while you are pregnant is dangerous. Suddenly stopping the use of drugs can cause a miscarriage, birth defects, or lead to developmental problems for the child later in life. Detoxing is also a threat to your safety as well. Quitting certain drugs (opioids in particular) can cause seizures, serious health complications, and even death in some cases.
  3. Detoxification during pregnancy is just the beginning of your healing. A lot of work needs to be done after the drugs are gone. It’s very hard to stay sober for the first year. When you add in all the stressful things that come with taking care of a baby, it will be even harder. For ongoing healing to go well, you need to have the right tools. This happens during treatment.

We encourage pregnant women who are addicted to come to us for detox and ongoing help for their substance use problem.

How to Safely Detox During Pregnancy

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To safely detox while pregnant, you need to follow a careful plan while being supervised by a doctor. Key strategies include slowly cutting down on drug use to lower the risks of withdrawal and using a mix of therapies, such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), to keep the mother’s state stable.

In addition, it is important to have comprehensive care plans that include nutritional support, hydration, and mental health services. These measures make sure that the mother’s physical and emotional well-being is taken care of, helping her on her path to recovery while also protecting the health of the fetus. Our structured framework ensures that detoxification during pregnancy is managed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

What To Expect During Detox When You Are Pregnant

It’s completely normal to be worried about going through withdrawal when you detox during pregnancy. A lot of women remain trapped in their addictions because they don’t want to go through the pain of withdrawal. Deciding to stop using drugs is hard for everyone, but it can be even harder for a pregnant woman who is also addicted.

If you know what to expect from detox, it might help you feel less anxious. Here are some things we want you to know about detoxing while you are pregnant at New Directions for Women:

  • We provide detox services to every addicted pregnant woman who comes to see us – no matter what drugs she has been using.
  • The detox process lasts anywhere from three to ten days, depending on the recommended treatment plan.
  • All of our detox policies and practices are supervised by our consulting detox physician. This is to ensure that women who come to see us are given the highest quality of care.
  • Medications are provided when appropriate to keep our clients as comfortable as possible without risking their safety or the baby’s safety.
  • Vital signs are monitored every thirty minutes in the first 12 hours and every hour after that for the duration of the process.
  • Our Program Manager implements holistic protocols including an onsite infrared dry sauna, acupuncture, mindfulness meditation, biosound lounge, aromatherapy baths, and essential oils to ease the discomfort brought on by withdrawal.
  • Our chef serves delicious meals that provide wholesome nutrition. He knows how important healthy, home-cooked meals are for getting better.

We believe addicted pregnant women have the right to detox with dignity and grace. Our compassionate and caring staff is available around the clock to assist with the detox process. We do everything we can to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal while keeping mom and baby safe. 

Addicted and Pregnant? We Can Get You on the Road to Recovery

At New Directions for Women, we specialize in treating addicted pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. We recognize the profound impact that drugs can have on a woman’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Our facility is run by women for women. We offer a nurturing atmosphere where women can find solace and support as they heal. 

If you need help with a substance use disorder, we offer a full continuum of care during and after pregnancy. We believe addicted expecting mothers should receive ongoing treatment even after the baby is born. This improves their chances of staying sober so they can be loving and attentive mothers to their children.

Are You Ready To Start Your Recovery Journey?

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It’s so important to prioritize detoxification during pregnancy. This is the only way to ensure a healthy and safe environment for both you and your baby. There’s simply no avoiding it. The only way to stop using drugs is to stop using drugs!

The thing is, you have a choice. You can take a risk and try to detox on your own and put the safety of you and your baby in jeopardy, or you can undergo a professional detox with minimal discomfort with the support of a healthcare team that wants to see you be successful in your recovery.

If you are addicted and pregnant – or you know someone who is – please reach out to us. Ready to get started? You can get help now.

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