Meth Addiction Treatment

Professional addiction treatment services for methamphetamine addiction are usually necessary if you have found yourself addicted to this powerful drug.  Addiction to methamphetamine is an ugly disease that ruins a person in all areas of their life. Meth is made with cancer-causing chemicals including battery acid, acetone, lye, ammonia and other poisonous ingredients.  It provides an intense stimulant high similar to cocaine but it lasts longer.  The drug affects both the body and the mind.  With just one use of the drug one can become psychologically addicted.  Even if a person makes a sincere promise to quit using meth, their addiction that will compel them to continuously seek out the drug.

Treating patients with meth addiction is difficult because the addict can’t visualize feeling better without using more of the drug.  The most effective method of treatment is inpatient detox followed by an intensive inpatient treatment program.  While in treatment the patient is monitored on a regular basis as their body cleanses itself of methamphetamine and begins to heal.  Meth addiction is treatable.

Meth addiction treatment includes counseling, therapy, education about meth and its effects on the body.  Also included is family support and learning how to deal with daily life stressors without meth.

Chances are you will never hear anyone say that they tried meth with intentions of becoming addicted.  No one uses meth with these hopes, however the powerful nature of the drug says otherwise and more often than not, that one-time for fun or because everyone else was doing it turns into a painful, life-changing addiction.

Meth addicts often have poor judgment, withdraw from productive society and even become physically violent as their body begins to withdraw from the drug. Meth users may experience a dangerously rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, severe dental problems, unhealthy weight loss, poor diet, and an increased risk of catching STI’s due to making poor choices of sex partners.

Meth users often stay up for days until finally “crashing” and sleeping for three, four days at a time, awaking only to repeat the cycle.  The users devote their life to getting and maintaining the high found with meth and lose awareness of the other important things in their life, whether it is their children or spouse or their job, cars and home.

Meth “bugs” are another common symptom of someone addicted to the drug. The Meth user thinks that tiny bugs are crawling on them, resulting in picking of the skin. Multiple self-inflicted lesions on the skin are common signs of a meth addict.

Without treatment a meth addiction can cause many health problems to form while it destroys lives piece by piece.  Meth addiction treatment in an inpatient facility is the easiest way to break the cycle of a meth addiction.  It has worked for so many and it can work for you, too. If you or a loved one is suffering from the powerful draw of meth addiction, contact us today by calling 800-93-WOMEN or filling out the contact form on the right side of this page. We can help!

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