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Rehab For Women in Orange County

The Best Drug Rehab For Women in Orange County

Drug Rehab For Women in Orange County Orange County is a beautiful place to live and it’s a hot spot for tourism. People come from all over the world to enjoy the breathtaking ocean views and, of course, to visit …

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Using Insurance Benefits To Access Addiction Treatment

Seeking drug and alcohol rehab can be challenging in and of itself. The cost of the treatment and from having to take time off work can be one of the major factors preventing many people in need of this critical …

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Kratom Addiction

So many people have reached out to us recently about kratom dependency and addiction services in Orange County that we’d like to take this opportunity to discuss kratom and kratom addiction. If you’re struggling with kratom addiction, consider reaching out …

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Jeffersonian Dinner on the Addiction Epidemic

Statistics and Figures National Information Note: All statistics and figures are from the first-ever Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health from November 2016: One in seven Americans will experience a problem with alcohol or other drug misuse …

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Our Quest to Understand the Nature of Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous first started in 1935 in Ohio. The first AA meeting in the UK took place on Monday, March 31st, 1947. Within a couple of years, there were over 100 members in AA groups and meetings were being held …

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Massachusetts Police Officer Shares His Story of Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Many people do not know that the disease of addiction does not discriminate. Addiction can affect anyone from any background. This brave former police officer tells his story with the permission of the Sheriff’s department to share his story with …

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