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New York State Senate to Vote on Heroin Task Force

In what is not widely seen as the new “war on drugs”, the war on heroin, continues to rage on across the country. In the state of New York, the senate is scheduled to vote on laws proposed by the …

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Portland Yoga Instructor Helps Others in Their Recovery

Yoga instructor Kelly Benson is using yoga to help others in their sustained sobriety according to an article published in Bangor Daily News. The young woman hosts a Recovery Community class in Portland, Maine where students take a 90 minute …

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Pregnant Women and Addiction

Though the dangers of chemical dependency and pregnancy are well known, the problems caused by this deadly combination are still all too common. At New Directions for Women, our female- and family-focused approach drives us to be particularly concerned about …

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New York City Sends Out Naloxone to Prevent Overdose

New York continues to battle the state’s addiction to opioids as a recent health department study reported, “an uptick in deaths of younger groups in more affluent parts of the city from 2010-2013,” according to an article in the Epoch …

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New Jersey Continues to Battle Addiction by Revoking Doctor’s License

New Jersey has continued their fight against drug addiction in the state by revoking the license of Dr. Ali G. Mansour.  According to a press release from the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, the New Jersey State Board of Medical …

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Opiate Addiction Treatment

You should seek opiate addiction treatment right away if you are one of the many thousands of men or women who are dealing with such an addiction. Opiates, harvested from opium poppies, are synthetic chemicals that bind to the opioid receptors …

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