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New York City Sends Out Naloxone to Prevent Overdose

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New York continues to battle the state’s addiction to opioids as a recent health department study reported, “an uptick in deaths of younger groups in more affluent parts of the city from 2010-2013,” according to an article in the Epoch Times.

Mayor Bill de Blasio proclaimed September 9th as New York City Overdose Awareness Day.  In recognition of this date, New York’s health department gave out 200 treatment packages of Naloxone, a drug commonly used to reverse an overdose in a patient.

A study done by New York City officials found that from 2010 to present, more than 25 thousand Naloxone packages were given out all over the city.  These treatment packages helped to reduce 500 overdoses.

Dr. Mary Bassett, New York Health Commissioner, said in a press release that “Naloxone is a life saving tool. I want to remind New Yorkers that fatal opioid analgesic and heroin overdoses can be prevented.”

If you suspect that someone you love might be overdosing on opioids you can look for the following symptoms:

  • Consciousness with the inability to speak
  • Limp body and extremities
  • Pale in color or ‘clammy’
  • Mouth and fingers will be blue
  • People who are light skinned will turn blue, those who are darker in skin tone will turn gray
  • Shallow breath
  • Slow or erratic heartbeat
  • “Death Rattle” or choking sounds
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Unresponsiveness

Please call 911 immediately if you recognize the aforementioned symptoms of overdose.

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