Kratom Addiction

Kratom Addiction

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    Kratom So many people have reached out to us recently about kratom dependency and addiction services in Orange County that we’d like to take this opportunity to discuss kratom and kratom addiction. If you’re struggling with kratom addiction, consider reaching out to a drug rehab center near you immediately. Kratom is an extremely harmful drug that originated in Asia and Africa, where it’s since been outlawed because of the known dangers of the drug. Much like spice and bath salts of the past, kratom has made news because of a large resurgence of the sale and use of the drug despite obvious health concerns. It’s just the most recent wave in the ongoing storm of substances that keeps hitting the US. Just like spice and bath salts, as we’re finding out more about the dangers of kratom, regulators are doing what they can to try and prevent this dangerous drug from reaching families in the US.

    Back in 2004, spice was introduced as a synthetic alternative for marijuana. Because it was a brand new substance on the market, the regulations on it were limited while the effects were still under review. Many people believed it to be harmless because it was legally sold in liquor stores and markets. There’s a growing pool of evidence that spice was directly linked to kidney and heart failure, and developed symptoms of paranoia and hallucinations in users.

    The next wave happened with bath salts, a drug that was essentially a concentrated form of speed that caused users to be violent, unpredictable, and paranoid. After the crackdown on spice, bath salts gained popularity through online channels because of the loose regulations and ease of purchasing these drugs. It became notorious overnight after a series of horrifying crimes committed under the influence of the drug made national headlines. In 2012, bath salts were added to the list of illegal substances along with spice, due to their extreme danger and addictive potential.

    Now we’re seeing the same trend happening with kratom. The drug has been on the market for some time now. As people are seeing the harmful nature of the drug more people are seeking addiction treatment to free themselves of its grip. Kratom has gained a foothold in many people’s lives because it was falsely advertised as a treatment for addiction, despite working very much like an opioid itself. Adding to the illusion that kratom is healthy or safe, many vendors market kratom as a medicinal tea or supplement. While it was under review, the FDA banned the drug from import, but could not launch operations to destroy kratom already within the US or to crackdown on dealers. False claims that the drug was a cure to addiction added to the misinformation around the substance directly targeting those most prone to chemical dependency, and many people became addicted to kratom instead of, or in addition to, current addictions.

    Now users are turning to drug rehabilitation programs to cut kratom out of their life and finding it difficult to break the addiction. It’s an experience so similar to our work with those suffering with opioid addiction and other diseases. No one chooses to be addicted. Substances find their way into your life and they come in waves.

    We’re familiar with the waves that come with addiction. Waves of blame, regret, pain. Waves of withdrawal symptoms creeping up on you and then disappearing as suddenly as they came—nausea, sweat, terror and tears. Waves of support. Waves of loss. Wave after wave of new drugs on the market. Addiction treatment is preparation for a future without substances to depend on by helping you brace against all those waves and to overcome. That means becoming free from drugs, free from alcohol, but also coffee, junk food, and other addictive chemicals. It means to be free from the pale blue light of your computer monitor at night, or the dull rumble of your phone breaking your sleep. When you’re lost out at sea, you know that over each wave is another wave, and you have to be ready for them to live a sober lifestyle. Building up small addictions like caffeine or internet use loosens you towards another dependency, like small waves slowly pushing you further from shore. Anything can be the next big wave to hurl you out to sea, so you need to learn the life skills that truly help you fight those currents. If you’re looking for a rehab for women near you or if you want to learn more about kratom addiction services or other rehab and recovery services, give us a call today at (800) 939-6636 or visit us at

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