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Women’s Alcohol Treatment Near Los Angeles County

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New Directions for Women is a gender-specific treatment facility in California. The team takes a care-based approach to help women and their families recover from addiction, placing emphasis on “love, kindness, and compassion in all things.” The campus is designed to reflect a comfortable home with an environment conducive to healing. Women come here from all over because it’s one of the best rehab facilities in Los Angeles. 

Why Consider a Rehab Facility Near Los Angeles County?

Founded in 1850, Los Angeles County has something for everyone. It’s home to one of the biggest metropolises in the United States, but it’s also got tiny little areas tucked away where one can go for solitude. It’s also easily accessible for those who live in the area and those who want to travel out of town or state to get the care they need.

The area is home to more than 9.8 million people, with a median household income of $76,367. It encompasses the 213 and 323 area codes.

Los Angeles County

Detox Near Los Angeles

Some substances require detoxification before the healing can begin. Patients going through withdrawal will be under constant medical supervision until the symptoms subside. Because of the unique circumstances women have, and their roles in society, New Directions works to craft a detox program that fits their needs. 

Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Los Angeles

Also known as residential treatment, inpatient drug rehab gives patients a safe space to recover. In addition to focusing on healing, guests at these rehabilitation centers in Los Angeles will learn the tools needed for life.

There are three phases of residential treatment at New Directions. The primary phase happens right after detox, incorporates structural elements, and usually takes approximately 30 days. Then comes the transitional phase, which consists of 45 days of advanced-level therapies continuing from the primary phase and affords the patient a little more freedom. Finally, the extended care phase reunites families and involves them in the recovery process. This final level also affords patients the most independence but still requires counseling.

Inpatient care is great for those who live in the area, but also for those who want to get away from the stressors of their daily lives and visit a facility out of state to recover.

Partial-Day Treatment Near Los Angeles

Once a guest has completed their inpatient program, they may transition to partial-day treatment. This program involves living off-campus but still visiting for several hours a day between 3 and 5 days a week. During this time, patients have a host of benefits available to them, including:  

  • Therapy
  • Social support
  • Conducive environment
  • Professional help
  • Medical care

Guests can also expect to receive one or more of the following: 

  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Near Los Angeles

Not every patient will need to stay at the facility. Some with moderate substance abuse problems, or those who have already finished the residential program, will benefit most from intensive outpatient treatment. While this program affords people more flexibility and independence, it also requires a commitment. It involves multiple days of care per week, which includes therapy for several hours a day. 

This is a program designed for those who live nearby as it doesn’t mandate overnight stays and patients go home every day after receiving treatment. 

Sober Living Near Los Angeles

Sober living is one solution for women who still need structure after finishing inpatient care. While both involve living within a facility, there are significant differences. In residential care, women cannot leave to go to work or school. With sober living, they’re encouraged to maintain their day jobs and their independence. These facilities provide structure to help women continue on with their sobriety and do not involve 24/7 supervision. It’s a bridge between recovery and total sobriety.

Aftercare Treatment Near Los Angeles

Getting sober is just the start. Maintaining sobriety is a lifelong endeavor. That’s why New Directions offers aftercare treatment. Patients are encouraged to visit at least once a week after completing more extensive programs and work with an individual counselor to ensure they stay on the right track. 

Aftercare patients can also take advantage of ancillary services from the alumnae chapters around the country for access to sponsors, parties, and “in-recovery” services.

Alcohol Treatment Programs

Studies have found that women are more susceptible to alcoholism, so New Directions takes a multi-tiered approach which may include: 

  • Detoxification
  • Counseling
  • Medications
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Partial hospitalization 
  • Intensive outpatient care
  • Sober living programs

This facility offers women’s alcohol addiction treatment that specially caters to each patient’s needs. Specifically, New Directions pays careful attention to each woman’s needs, including whether they need treatment for dual diagnosis and providing a safe and secure environment.

Why New Directions for Women Is Different

This facility is different in several ways. First, it applies a multidisciplinary approach that will address the individual’s unique circumstances. Each person seeking addiction treatment in Los Angeles at New Directions will undergo an assessment to look at the underlying conditions that might contribute to substance abuse. 

Second, women tend to be the backbone of a household and thus, may be responsible for family and/or child care. For this reason, children are welcome on campus with their mothers while they undergo care. Pregnant women are welcome, too. In fact, 200 babies have even been born at New Directions.

This all-women rehab center is designed to provide a caring, safe, and nurturing environment for women who may not feel comfortable undergoing recovery with their male counterparts. 

What Does an Average Day Look Like at New Directions for Women?

Every woman who comes through the doors of New Directions has different needs and therefore, their days may look different than other guests of the facility. However, the well-educated staff knows how to specifically plan out each visitor’s stay from sun-up to sundown to ensure they get the appropriate treatment they need as well as the private time they covet. 

An ideal day at these women’s addiction treatment centers may include group or individual therapy, primary care with a physician if the patient is undergoing specific treatment, such as detox, and a host of activities. These may range from hands-on arts and crafts to exercise classes.

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Cost for Treatment

The cost of treatment at this women’s rehabilitation program depends on several factors, including the types of treatment and the length of stay. The average is 90 days, with 35 dedicated to primary care and the other 55 helping patients transition to sober living. 

The women’s rehabilitation centers accept insurance and may offer partial scholarships to help cover the costs of treatment. To get an idea of what a stay would cost and what financial options are available, intake coordinators are available to answer your questions. 

Insurance Coverage

To help offset the cost of treatment, New Directions rehab in Los Angeles California, accepts multiple insurance plans, including: 

  • Optum
  • Cigna
  • Magellan 
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Value Options
  • Managed Health Net (MHN) 
  • United Healthcare

Insurance plans are subject to change, so to ensure the facility accepts yours, be sure to call and speak to one of the qualified intake coordinators.

Admission Process

To get started with admission to New Directions for addiction treatment in Los Angeles, simply call the facility and speak to one of the intake coordinators. They will go over all of the information you need to know, including the process for intake, testing requirements, and all aspects related to costs and financial options.


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