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Elizabeth Vargas on Her Struggle with Anxiety & Addiction:

On Friday, September 9th, Elizabeth Ann Vargas, the American television journalist and anchor of ABC shared her love, hope and strength during her interview with fellow colleague, Diane Sawyer. From the outside looking in, as viewers, fans, and to the …

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Caffeine Addiction and Dependence

We have recently noticed an outpouring of comments about coffee, and how much our alumnae missed having caffeine in their diets while receiving treatment at New Directions for Women. We almost regret having to disseminate this information about coffee, an …

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Healthy Sleep Patterns for Women in New Recovery

“What’s a hygienic way to sleep?” I was caught a bit off-guard when the Program Manager, Merrilee Greene, asked me this question. Hygiene? During sleep? With so many small bad habits slipping into our lives, sleep has become a bit… …

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Addiction Treatment Centers – Some Tips on Making the Choice

Get Help Now (800) 939-6636 Alcohol Addiction Rehab Many people go to rehab for alcohol addiction every year, and some of those will inevitably experience relapse in the process— according to statistics, one in ten people going into a drug …

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Addiction Treatment Centers and Dependency: A Few Common Myths

As one of the country’s top addiction treatment centers for women, there are a few myths about addiction that we keep seeing over and over again. Is it really a disease? What determines effective treatment? Is addiction voluntary in the …

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A Brief Overview of the NDFW Drug Rehab Programs

New Directions for Women takes a somewhat unique approach to our drug rehab programs. We’re best known as a holistic drug rehab center, which means we believe in treating addiction on every level — physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. This …

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