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young women learning about alcoholic nose

Alcoholic Nose: Understanding The Effect Of Alcohol On Your Body

What Is Alcoholic Nose? “Alcoholic nose” is a slang term that is used to describe a red, bumpy, and swollen nose that is thought to be caused by a large amount of drinking. It is believed that this skin condition …

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How Does Alcohol Affect Your Period?

If you’ve noticed that your period stopped after you consumed and misused alcohol, you are not alone. Period issues and alcohol are common duos that can occur. Various individuals can vouch that alcohol can impact a body in more ways …

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Mixing Alcohol and Muscle Relaxers

The Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Muscle Relaxers

There may come a time in your life when you require a prescription for a muscle relaxer. These drugs are prescribed for many reasons. This is because they can be beneficial for a host of conditions.  However, like most medications, …

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alcoholism and blood pressure

High Blood Pressure and Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol and drugs have been known to impact an individual’s body. Overall, the effects a person experiences will be dependent on the specific substance but generally will include several adverse health effects. The severity of side effects from a substance …

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Pouring cough medicine onto a spoon from a bottle

The Effects of Mixing Alcohol and DayQuil

People generally don’t give it a second thought about taking an over-the-counter medicine to treat a cold or the flu. And most of these drugs are safe when used as directed. However, drinking alcohol while taking popular over-the-counter drugs like …

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short term effects of binge drinking

How Does Alcohol Affect You Emotionally? The Emotional Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Millions of people in the United States suffer from alcohol use disorder each year. Among women, 4-8% had an alcohol use disorder in 2019 alone. While many people know that alcohol abuse can have a profound physical effect on the …

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