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Woman alone and depressed at seaside

Is My Alcohol Use Contributing to My Depression?

Perhaps you’ve been wondering, does alcohol cause depression? Does alcohol make depression worse? First, however, it is important to learn more about what depression is and the effects of alcohol on depression. Depression and alcohol addiction are often interlinked.  Depression …

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Panic attack, anxiety disorder menopause woman, stressful depressed emotional person with mental health illness, headache and migraine sitting back against wall on the floor in domestic home

Is My Alcohol Use Contributing to My Anxiety?

Alcohol can cause an onset of anxiety symptoms or even worsen someone’s pre-existing anxiety symptoms. Many individuals will engage in alcohol use as a harmful coping skill in an attempt to reduce their overall anxiety symptoms. Let’s look more in-depth …

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short term effects of binge drinking

Drugs, Alcohol, and Obesity: How Do They Connect?

For years, scientists have been trying to determine the exact connection between alcohol and obesity. While this is still not entirely clear, there is evidence that suggests a link between the two. So, how do drugs and alcohol lead to …

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binge drinking facts

Binge Drinking Facts: Definition, Effects, and Dangers

Binge drinking might seem harmless enough. After all, many people have experienced some binge drinking in their life, especially in college or in their early 20s. In reality, though, binge drinking can be very dangerous and can even lead to …

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alcohol effects the immune system

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Immune System?

Many people take vitamins each day in hopes of remaining healthy. In fact, some individuals take vitamin C supplements to boost immunity. No one wants to participate in activities that suppress the body’s immune system. Without knowing it, you may …

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Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline: How Long Does it Last? What Symptoms Can You Expect?

Alcohol is a commonly used substance that is known to be very addictive. Chronic overuse of alcohol can lead to physical and emotional dependence. Even though it may have started as a social activity or just a way to wind …

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