NDFW is Blessed to Expand our Facility

NDFW is Blessed to Expand our Facility

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    NDFW is Blessed to Expand our Facility
    Lynn Blanchard (Clinical Director), Becky Flood (CEO and Executive Director at NDFW), Dan Buryj (Finance Director), and Charles Dorsey (Public Relations Specialist)

    New Directions for Women has been in the process of expanding our facility. Currently, we are able to house 24 women in our residential treatment facility with 6 extra beds for sober living. Our facility includes housing options for women who receive treatment with their younger children and/or infants. With 24 beds, we often reach capacity which prevents us from receiving families who might need the services we offer. There are many women who suffer from addiction and drug abuse and unfortunately we only have room for 24 women. NDFW is committed to transforming lives, and it is our goal to do what we can to make sure we can offer recovery to more women, pregnant women, and families.

    Today we celebrate a huge step in our expansion efforts.  We proudly announce that we have closed escrow on two new houses that will be dedicated to housing women starting their recovery journey with us. These houses are less than 200 hundred feet from our main campus. Gracious neighbors, who have seen the life changing work of NDFW, offered us the property as they support the life changing work we do. We thank the Costa Mesa community and our neighbors, who have embraced us as we continue our important work of addiction treatment.

    Below is a picture of Becky Flood (CEO and Executive Director at NDFW), Dan Buryj (Finance Director), Lynn Blanchard (Clinical Director), and Charles Dorsey (Public Relations Specialist) in front of our new houses. While the new houses are being prepared for licensing, we invite you to connect with our facility with any comments or suggestions.

    If you know a woman or family needs treatment contact us at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-93-WOMEN. Our caring Admissions Counselors are happy to serve and offer resources that fit your needs.

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