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11 Ways Your Life Will Improve When You Get Sober

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Awesome Things Happen When You Get Sober

Awesome Things Happen When You Get Sober

If you are in the throes of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the thought of getting sober can be pretty terrifying. This disease affects women in profound ways. Even though being addicted is a terrible way to live, the horrors of addiction can become comfortable and familiar. If you are on the fence about getting sober, we want to help.

We have put together a short list that will hopefully motivate you to take action. You can begin your recovery journey and get sober today if you choose to. One thing is for sure – if you stay on your current path, things are only going to get worse. Addiction is progressive, chronic, and fatal if left untreated.

On the flip side, getting sober means you get your life back. It is all about reclaiming your mind, body, and spirit. Awesome things happen when you experience healing from a substance use disorder.

Here are 11 ways your life will improve when you give up drugs and alcohol:

#1 You Will Recover From the Madness of Addiction and Experience Personal Freedom

When you are battling a substance use disorder, you are engaged in a never-ending cycle of seeking drugs, scoring drugs, using drugs, and going through withdrawal. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. It never ends. This is insanity. (By the way, in case you didn’t know it, alcohol is a drug!)

When you get sober, you are set free from the chains of addiction. The cycle stops. With time, you will be restored to sanity. In recovery, you will learn to enjoy life without the use of drugs. You will be free to create whatever life you choose to. What a gift!

# 2 Your Family Will Be Proud of You

In active addiction; you are doomed to hurt your family, continually disappoint them, and worry them sick – over and over again. When you get sober, your family will be proud of you. They will support you and walk alongside you on your recovery journey.

It may take some time to repair some of the damage in your interpersonal relationships. The good news is that working the 12 Steps will allow you to make amends for the harm you caused in your addiction. This leads to the restorations of families and friendships.

# 3 You Will Be Proud of You

Let’s be honest. More than anyone else, you hurt yourself the most when you are abusing alcohol or drugs. You engage in behavior that you would never otherwise participate in. When you are high or drunk, you probably become someone you don’t even recognize – let alone have fond feelings for. Getting and staying sober is a major accomplishment – one you can feel proud of.

# 4 You Will Save Money

Drugs and alcohol are expensive. It doesn’t matter how much money you make; you are not exempt from becoming completely financially bankrupt in the course of an addiction. Not only does it cost money to get drunk or high, being under the influence causes you to make poor life choices, which can be very costly (legal fees, for example). When you get sober, your bank account will rejoice!

# 5 Your Overall Health Will Get a Boost

Drugs and alcohol make you feel lousy. Sure, you might feel good when you are under the influence. But, the feeling doesn’t last. When you come down, it’s just awful. That is why you stay engaged in the addictive cycle we mentioned earlier. You are looking for the absence of pain.

Drinking and drugging dehydrates you, messes with your sleep cycles, interrupts the natural function of your body’s systems, and destroys your organs. When you get sober, you will go through a short period of withdrawal. You may even need to undergo a medical detox. After that, your health will continually improve and you will feel better with each passing day.

# 6 You Will Lower the Chances of Developing a Serious Illness

It is no secret that excessive drug and alcohol use wreak havoc on your overall health. Those who abuse drugs and alcohol are eventually going to confront major health problems. It’s just a matter of time.

Addiction means you could wind up with any number of conditions: heart attack, stroke, liver disease, kidney failure, various types of cancer, or any number of other illnesses. Getting sober greatly reduces your chances of developing any one of these diseases.

# 7 You Will Sleep Better

It doesn’t matter if you are drinking tequila or shooting crystal meth. Drugs and alcohol significantly interrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle. You might stay up for days at a time, sleep for days at a time, or get only a few hours here and there.

Drug and alcohol abuse causes fatigue and physical exhaustion. Getting sober helps restore a restful, healthy sleep cycle. This allows you to feel energized and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

# 8 You Will Make New Sober Friends and Build Healthy Relationships

Sobriety gives you the blessed opportunity to make new friendships with people who are not using alcohol or drugs. You will certainly make positive connections with people if you choose to go for residential treatment and get involved in an alumnae program.

Also, attending programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous allows you to meet people who are also living a sober lifestyle. These 12-Step programs have regular social events like campouts, dances, bingo, and other fun activities.

# 10 Your Physical Appearance Will Improve

Drinking alcohol or using hardcore drugs like crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, or prescription narcotics takes a toll on your appearance. Your skin looks old and tired, your eyes are puffy all the time, and your skin is subject to infections, rashes, and sores. Plus, long-term drug use speeds up the aging process.

Getting sober will make you look better almost immediately. You will once again look vibrant, healthy, and refreshed when you get in recovery.

# 11 Lost Dreams Awaken and New Possibilities Arise

When you get sober, you will have the chance to pursue dreams that you gave up on because of your addiction. Life will open many doors for you to walk through when you get clean. Once you have made the courageous decision to navigate life with a sober mind, there is absolutely nothing off limits.

For example, you can go back to school, pursue a new career, be a better parent to your children, find your soulmate, perform better at work, go on that vacation….. if you can conceive it, you can achieve it!

Ready to Start Reaping the Benefits of Sobriety?

We could go on and on about the many awesome ways your life will improve when you get sober. But, why not find out for yourself? You have so much to gain in recovery. And, only have one thing to lose when you quit drinking or drugging – the monkey on your back!

The first step in overcoming a substance use disorder is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. The next step is to reach out for help. If you’re ready for treatment, we’re here. At New Directions for Women, we treat women of all ages, pregnant women, and women with children. We have been helping women get sober for more than 40 years. We can help you too!

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