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At New Directions for Women, we are committed to providing exceptional treatment services that meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each woman and her family that are suffering from the disease of chemical dependency. Therefore, we tailor each treatment plan to the individual woman and her family being treated, and emphasize responsible recovery for long-term sobriety.  By addressing the holistic needs of every aspect of our patients’ lives, including, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual, we facilitate their journey in recovery, encouraging them to rejoin their communities as healthy, whole women and families.

Our program provides successive levels of residential care from Primary Phase to Extended Phase services. Average length of stay at New Directions is 90 days.  A minimum commitment of 30 days required.  The length of stay may reach up to one year.

The following information is applicable for single women, pregnant women and women who enter treatment with their children:

Primary Phase

Our Primary Phase program is highly structured and provides intensive therapy utilizing individual, family, group and educational counseling. Each woman is assigned a Masters Level Primary Therapist or a Certified Addiction Counselor with whom they create an individualized treatment plan. In addition, we provide equine therapy with horses, art expression, gardening, psychodrama, experiential and spiritual therapies (see Services Offered). Our Primary Phase program is an average length of stay of 30 days. Here you can view a program schedule.

Transitional Phase

Our women and their families are then allowed to move into a Transitional Phase program that provides more autonomy while still engaging them with all the services provided during the Primary Phase. Women in this phase begin to practice the tools of their recovery in the community while in school, working or volunteering. In the evening, our women return to the safety of their recovery community here at New Directions and focus their abilities to apply their program in daily life. Each woman is encouraged to develop healthy, meaningful relationships with sponsors, alumni, and other women in recovery. In addition, each woman works individually with her Therapist or Counselor and develops an individual plan that encompasses her goals in life regarding education, employment, living arrangements, children, family, self-care etc.  The average length of stay in Transitional Phase is 45 days.

Extended Care Phase

Lastly, women and their families may move into Extended Care Phase. This is our lowest level of residential care due to the amount of independence each woman has earned.  During this phase of treatment, each woman continues to receive individual, family and group counseling. Additionally, they further practice the tools of their recovery in the community.

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