September is National Recovery Month

Tag: Substance dependence

Children of Parents with Addiction

When parents struggle with addiction, it affects the lives of their children. It is not uncommon for alcoholism and drug addiction to be repeated generation after generation. The two primary factors are genetic predisposition and environment. Even if one has …

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Family Education about Alcoholism

Family education about alcoholism can provide one of the best treatment mechanisms for the alcoholic. Having good family support to help you is invaluable. Addiction is a family disease that affects so many more people than just the alcoholic or …

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Addiction Effects On Children

Scientific studies have proven that there are dangerous effects on children if their parents suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction.  Also, a mother who has taken drugs or alcohol at the time she was pregnant may leave long term effects on …

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Bill W’s Story – Tribute and Appreciation

New Directions for Women proudly acknowledges and celebrates Bill W.! The recent movie, shown in local theaters, has sparked more conversation about recovery treatment. As an alcohol rehab for women, we produced an article in honor of Alcoholics Anonymous and …

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Addiction During Pregnancy

The number of women who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction while they are pregnant is growing more and more every day. Addiction during pregnancy happens probably because of certain factors like stress, life problems, lifestyle and more. Treatment …

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