Addiction Effects On Children

Addiction Effects On Children

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    Scientific studies have proven that there are dangerous effects on children if their parents suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction.  Also, a mother who has taken drugs or alcohol at the time she was pregnant may leave long term effects on the child, such as fetal alcohol syndrome. This is an alarming issue, and unfortunately, the number of women taking drugs while pregnant is going up year after year.

    Complications and problems arise when a pregnant woman uses opiates, cocaine, or other drugs. These complications can have a terrible effect on the child. Here are some complications a child may suffer from when exposed to alcohol or drugs.

    ü  Behavioral problems

    ü  Lack of social skills

    ü  Emotional problems

    ü  Mental disorders

    ü  Poor body development

    ü  Poor performance in school

    ü  Delinquency

    Moreover, children who are exposed to drug and alcohol use by their Mom or Dad, are more likely to develop alcoholism or drug addiction as they grow up.

    Loved ones of parents who take drugs or alcohol should be aware that their addiction could really have a serious effect on their child/children. If the person who is using these substances cannot stop the addiction on their own (which is often the case), help is always available through drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs where treatments and counseling will be given.

    Children exposed to drugs and alcohol are more likely to have poor emotional health. This is partly because they are not able to get enough love and affection from their parents. The addiction has taken the parents away from the child so she child feels isolated and abandoned. Drug addicts tend to have aggressive behaviors, mood swings, and can be easily irritated. These characteristics can affect the relationship of the child with his or her parents because the child may feel neglected.

    Moreover, addiction in a young child’s home can affect the child’s education. A house where one or two family members are addicts is not a healthy environment for learning and studying, or even taking the child to school. Parents with the chronic disease of addiction are not in their normal state of mind, and may have certain troublesome behaviors wherein the child will not be able to concentrate well on his or her studies. Children seeing their parents abusing drugs or alcohol tend to put more attention on his or her parent’s problem instead of thinking of his or her homework and lessons in school. Having said that, parents addicted to drugs and alcohol can have a huge impact on the education of their child.

    Addiction effects on children are serious, and parents should be aware of this. Addiction not only destroys the actual person taking the substance, but the people around him/her as well. To stop this, help can be obtained from centers such as New Directions for Women who assist women that are suffering from alcoholism or taking drugs. Call now before a child’s life is affected.



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