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Support Systems for Addicted Single Mothers

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Family in Recovery

Family is one of the key staples to recovery, especially for women who are pregnant during their bout with addiction. It’s the reason why we focus so much on establishing meaningful, long-term relationships as an essential part of the recovery process. Family, whether bonded by blood or built by shared experiences, is always there for you. They are ready to share your pain in order to help you overcome.

Precisely for that reason, the loss of a husband or partner can be one of the most devastating traumas imaginable. It’s half a household lost. Income stripped from the family budget. Two of the arms that would have held on to your children no longer being there. Whether it was simply a breaking apart, or a much more tragic loss—to no longer have someone who you held so dear is a terrifying, horrible thing.

But it’s also a chance to kindle new flames in your life. It’s the perfect time to retreat, restructure, and transform into something more than you’ve ever been. If you’re a single woman now, then this is the chance to focus on yourself, to build yourself up to who you want to be. If you’re a mother, it’s an opportunity to stretch yourself to new heights, to make yourself into someone you would be happy to have your children look up to.

But it’s also important to understand that healing is not a solitary process. Though metamorphosis may be a unique experience to everyone, it takes good friends to help keep you safe during your most fragile times. As you begin the process of recovery, you should branch out to others, see their struggles, listen to their stories and find in them what you’ve found in yourself. Find in you what you see in them.

We encourage women to bond together, to share their stories with one another, and to stay with their children during the recovery process. By allowing our women to gather together and to dine with one another and their kids, we encourage them to talk to one another, to build connections, and to make new friends and family. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team and case managers will assist you or your loved one piece their life back together; from transitional housing opportunities to counseling and relapse prevention, there’s a plethora of long-term help for parents.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous (www.aa.org www.na.org) are also both very reliable support groups catered to help people of all backgrounds connect to overcome the grip of addictions. They focus on a community model, where goers are encouraged to share their story, to listen to the stories of others, and to celebrate their successes and those of their peers.

Likewise, it can be important to join a group of like minded single mothers, whether you’re a single mother by choice or not. There’s a wealth of resources for single parents to connect with others and to build new and lasting friendships, on Facebook, and other online resources.

To learn more about ways we can support single mothers seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, call us today.

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