Sobriety during Thanksgiving Holidays

Sobriety during Thanksgiving Holidays

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    Sobriety during Thanksgiving Holidays

    Did you know that there is a “Thanksgiving Alcohol List?” There are specific drinking activities that come along with the Thanksgiving holiday. Along with the traditional turkey, stuffing, and pies, there are specific cooking strategies and recipes that maximize the use of alcohol. We recently saw a sign for a local market that advertised: “Holidays Mean Family! We sell liquor!” For the millions of men and women in our country that are addicted to alcohol, this could mean trouble.

    One of the most dangerous times for women alcoholics is the holiday season. This season, starting with Thanksgiving, is full of opportunities to invite family and friends into town for great memories, which in some family customs, oftentimes include fellowship over drinking alcohol. For both the recovering addict and the addict that still suffers, this can be a time of great challenge.

    Many states start DUI checkpoints on Thanksgiving due to the history of car accidents during this holiday season. This is certainly expected in Orange County, which has one of the highest rates of DUI cases in the state and country. These DUI checkpoints aim to remove drivers from the road who are under the influence.

    We should all be doing the same. This holiday season we should be encouraging our family members who suffer from addiction to choose sobriety. Let’s do more than depend on a designated driver.  Let’s save lives by helping our loved ones get started on their recovery journey.

    If you know a woman who is suffering from addiction during this holiday season, contact us at New Directions for Women. We have been transforming the lives of women of all ages, pregnant women in any trimester, and women with their children since 1977! Our caring Admissions counselors are on call 24 hours every day, to make sure we don’t miss an opportunity to offer recovery. Call us 800-939-6636 or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn.

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