Seeing Sober Celebs Gives Us Hope

Seeing Sober Celebs Gives Us Hope

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    We have all seen celebrities publicly battle an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, when a famous person’s life becomes a train wreck because of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it makes headlines. (Think Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan). It is sad that the bizarre behavior of an addicted celeb makes for popular entertainment.

    The good news is, Americans everywhere love to watch celebrities go to rehab and stay sober. We celebrate them in their recovery and cheer them on from the sidelines.

    Seeing someone’s life go from total unmanageability to victory is quite inspiring – especially when it happens under the watchful eye of millions of Americans.

    Many who struggle with a substance use disorder have no personal example of people who are living and enjoying life without the use of drugs or alcohol. Seeing their fave actor, musician, or tv personality conquer an addiction can motivate them to get sober.

    Let’s take a look at nine celebs who are rocking recovery.

    # 1 Eminem

    Rapper Marshall Mathers (known to the world as Eminem) used to glorify drug his drug use in songs like “Purple Pills” and “Drug Ballad.” He was known for his prolific use of marijuana, ecstasy, and prescription opioids.

    After almost dying from a Methadone overdose in 2007, he made the decision to get clean. Today, the hip-hop legend has more than 10 years of sobriety. Em has been very open about his recovery journey; sharing sober victories in his music and inspiring his fans to say nope to dope.

    # 2 Robert Downey Jr.

    We love a comeback story. Iron Man superstar Actor Robert Downey Jr. had a very public battle with drug and alcohol addiction in the late 90’s. He even received a three-year sentence in a California state prison as a consequence of his substance abuse.

    Downey was a notorious cocaine and heroin user, but he has been celebrating continuous sobriety since 2003.

    # 3 Kristin Davis

    Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte on Sex and the City, enjoys sobriety. Most fans didn’t know this until 2010 when she began to open up about it.

    Davis identifies as a recovering alcoholic and recovering addict. She said during an interview in Health Magazine, “I’ve never hid it, but I’ve been sober the whole time I’ve been famous, so it wasn’t like I had to go to rehab publicly.”

    # 4 Bradley Cooper

    A Star is Born actor and director Bradley Cooper told GQ Magazine in 2014 that he decided to get sober at the age of 29 because “If I continued it, I was really going to sabotage my whole life.”

    The superstar has been very candid about his decision to quit drinking. He says he knew he had a problem when he saw that his use of alcohol was negatively impacting his work. Cooper got sober when he was 29, marking 15 years of recovery in 2019. The actor credits his sobriety as the driving force behind his success.

    # 5 Russell Brand

    Actor, comedian, and best-selling author Russell Brand admits he used to be hopelessly addicted. He has been drug and alcohol free for more than 16 years. Brand is a vocal recovery advocate, sharing his experience, strength, and hope to anyone who will listen. Hear his message and learn more about his book, Recovery Freedom from Addictions.

    # 6 Jennifer Hudson

    We love celebrities who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Rarely do we hear stories about celebs who have been sober their entire life. Singer and Oscar-winning actress is one of the few.

    Hudson reports that she has never taken a single sip of alcohol or tried any drugs in her 37-year lifespan. She says she truly enjoys living a sober lifestyle. But, Hudson admits that most people don’t believe that she always been drug and alcohol free. We believe you. Hats off, Hudson!

    # 7 Kelly Osbourne

    Daughter of rocker legend Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne has had her share of struggles with drug and alcohol, including heroin.

    In August of 2018, the actress took to Instagram, sharing her victory with the world – one year clean. Osbourne described the year as “one of the hardest years of her life.” Recovery looks good on you, Kelly!

    # 8 Jamie Lee Curtis

    Iconic actress from the Halloween slasher movie series, Jamie Lee Curtis has been clean for more than 20 years. She says that her sobriety remains her single greatest accomplishment. In a 2018 interview with People, Curtis says she was addicted to opioids for 10 years and no one knew – not even her husband.

    # 9 Steven Tyler

    Rockers are known for their drug-fueled antics. Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler is no exception. Tyler continues to celebrate his recovery milestones with fans across the globe. He reports that he is currently on his fourth run at sobriety. The singer has over nine years clean.

    What About You? Ready to Get Sober?

    If you want to join the sober ranks of these recovering celebs, we are here to help.

    No matter how hopeless or helpless you may feel as the result of your addiction, you can get better. It doesn’t matter whether you are hooked on painkillers, heroin, cocaine, or meth. You can stop the cycle and put an end to the madness. You can have a beautiful life in recovery.

    What are you waiting for? Get help now.

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