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Do you Really Want Help?

Do you Really Want Help?At New Directions for Women we have found over last 40 years as a non-profit organization there are 2 types of women who come to us on a regular basis. One type of women will come to us because she and or her family know that they need a private multifaceted approach to treatment of chemical dependency. They are provided a solid foundation for continuous, life-long success against her disease in a women’s only sanctuary, which includes all levels of care from detox stepped down to sober living.

Others will come to us because they have tried other methods either on their own, through another facility or program and could not get the traction and support they needed. Some of these women included pregnant women, women with children, those that have relapsed, suffer from a co-existing disorder or trauma.

Who Gets Help At New Directions for Women?

Women suffering from the disease of addition and alcoholism, and their loved ones get help here. We are fortunate to have treated people from all over the world. Women come to New Directions for Women broken, and leave determined to succeed. Families, husbands, children reach out to NDFW to get the help for the woman they love. We have women throughout the United States and abroad seeking shelter from addiction. We also have women that have completed a primary care program and want to come to us for extended stay, as research shows that the longer a woman stays in treatment at varying levels of care, especially for at least 90 days to a year, the outcome for her continued lifelong recovery increases dramatically.

What is New Directions for Women?

Our Vision – Transforming lives

Our Mission – Saving the lives of women of all ages, women with children and pregnant women affected by alcoholism, other addictions and related issues.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence – “Setting Standards”
  • Spiritual – “Soul Centered”
  • Integrity – “Moral Soundness”
  • Diversity – “Inclusive”

Why Come to New Directions?

Why Come to New Directions?This answer is simple – women get sober here. Women have been getting sober here for over 40 years. Our proven approach to treatment works – plain and simple. Our alumnae association is comprised of thousands of from all over the world who are uccessfully living a life of recovery.

  • Women only treatment – single women, married women, pregnant women, all walks of life and all ages – one primary purpose – get sober – stay sober.
  • Home-like environment – safe, secure campus, close to several Southern California beaches, large sober community, and local alumnae community.
  • Clinically Exceeds Standards – internationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), we utilize evidence based curriculums such as Seeking Safety.

How Can I Be Accepted?

There are three factors that must be met prior to admission to our program.

  1. Each woman coming into treatment must be willing to be there. We have years of working with addicts and alcoholics – a woman might not think she can stay sober – we can help her, she may feel unloved and hopeless – we can love her and instill hope, she may feel like there is no other choice – we can guide her to making new choices. A woman can leave at any time of her own free will. So if you are not willing – we are not the place for you.
  2. Each woman must be clinically appropriate. There are many women who come to us that have more than just a substance use disorder. They have depression, or other mental health issues known as dual diagnosis, meaning they have more than one issue. However, substance use disorder must be the primary reason for admitting to New Directions for Women. If the secondary issue is something we do not treat, many times a woman will stay with us for substance use disorder and we will need to bring in a specialist at the cost of the family to help with other issues outside our specialty.
  3. Each woman must have the ability to participate financially. We know that when a woman and/or their family participates financially – the outcomes are better. New Directions for Women is a non-profit organization and is contracted with many insurance companies. We help thousands of women with scholarship funds to offset balances from insurance when we can, and we accept many private pay clients. Unfortunately, we are not covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal or Medi-Caid. Our scholarships are not designated to pay for an entire stay of treatment and must be for due to hardship.
New Directions for Women is CARF Accredited

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