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Using Online Drug Help Chat to Find Freedom From Addiction

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Going Online to Find Help for A Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Using Online Drug Help Chat to Find Freedom From Addiction

We live in a digital age where modern technology continues to dominate more and more of our lives. It is no surprise that many people turn to the Internet when they are looking for online addiction rehab.

To meet the demands of addicted people searching for resources, treatment centers across the United States are using a drug addiction help online chat feature – including New Directions for Women. This helps people get the information they need about drug addiction and substance use disorder treatment services.

What is a Live Help Online Chat?

Drug addiction online chat allows you to begin a conversation with a representative from a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in real-time. Sometimes, when you visit a site looking to learn more about drug rehab, a window will pop up and ask if you need help. 

If you begin typing in the window, you will begin the online chat. From there you can talk to the person on the other end of that chat just like you would if you were having a phone conversation.

While technological advancements have never made communication easier, not everyone is taking advantage of it in a way that benefits the patient. Unfortunately, many rehabilitation centers use what are called “chatbots” to address people who are looking for addiction help online. 

Chatbots are artificial intelligence programs designed to answer the most common questions. They are not real people and these “conversations” become frustrating. 

The Importance of Having a Live Operator to Chat Online

Every person’s addiction is unique to them and, as a result, the questions or concerns they may have are unique as well. Nothing about addiction is cookie-cutter. Having a live chat hooked up to a bot is exactly that though. 

It only recognizes cookie-cutter questions and therefore is not beneficial for someone who needs to get specific information in order to be treated for a substance abuse addiction or a mental health condition.

At New Directions for Women, our live chat feature grants immediate access to a real person. We do not use chatbots. We know how much courage it takes to reach out for help. We want to honor this brave first step by encouraging a human connection with a trained, caring person.

The Many Benefits of Using a Chat Online Feature

In the modern era, many of us appreciate the ability to communicate with others through text, online messages, or social media. Talking with others by phone can create anxiety and feel very overwhelming. This is especially true for someone who is struggling with a substance use disorder asking for help.

addiction help online

There is still a stigma associated with having a drug or alcohol addiction. This prevents many people from getting the help they need. They are intimidated by the idea of having to talk to a stranger about their situation. This is totally understandable.

Chatting online about treatment for a drug or alcohol problem respects the privacy and anonymity of the person who needs help. It allows them to have their questions answered in a safe space where they feel comfortable. It also creates an opportunity for family members to inquire about getting help for someone they love or staging an intervention.

When You Can’t Talk on the Phone

There are also situations when you simply just can’t talk on the phone. This is particularly true if you are reaching out to a treatment center on behalf of a family member or loved one and don’t want them knowing. Thanks to the live chat feature, that is no longer an issue. If you can access the internet you can speak to someone immediately.

All you have to do is log on to the website via a computer or smartphone and you have immediate access to a trained treatment professional that can answer any questions you may have and even get your friend or family member into the facility to start treatment immediately.

Here are a few other benefits of live help chat:

  • Free of charge
  • Completely confidential
  • Easy to access with a computer or smartphone
  • Introduction to services offered
  • Allows us to expand our reach

As one of the leading treatment centers in the country for women, we know that we have an obligation to provide the best service possible not just to our existing patients, but to prospective patients and their loved ones as well. By providing a drug addiction help online chat option, it is just one more way that we can be of service to any woman who is in need of help from drugs and alcohol.

While there might be many reasons why someone chooses not to undergo addiction treatment, not being able to speak to a treatment professional or get the information that they need should never be one of them. That is why we are proud to provide an online chat option for anyone that visits our website.

What Happens During a Live Online Chat?

When someone uses our drug addiction help online chat feature, they will be connected to a New Directions for Women representative, who will introduce themselves and ask how they can help. This gives the person reaching out the opportunity to share a little bit about what is going on with them.

We approach online chats with urgency. After all, addiction can be life-threatening. We will ask questions and determine what, if any, services are needed immediately. (For example, some people will require a medical detox right away).

We will answer questions and provide helpful information about our treatment program for women. We might outline the various services we offer, inquire about the need for any special accommodations, or determine if a mother needs to bring her children.

We’re able to easily transfer someone onto a phone call if it would be more helpful to address specifics that way.

There is absolutely no pressure to come to our rehab. We want everyone who reaches out for help to get the help they need – no matter where that help comes from. This is another reason we like to offer addiction help online. Many people like to know they can just end the chat if they want to.

Can Treatment Be Done Online As Well?

Thanks to technological advances, not only can you talk to a treatment professional without having to pick up the phone, but you can also undergo treatment without even having to go to a treatment center.

addiction help online

Telehealth combines the use of remote technology such as telephone-based services, videoconferencing, texting, smartphone applications, and web-based tools to provide the same level of care the patient would receive in-person, but without the need to travel to the treatment facility.

While telehealth can’t replace residential or inpatient treatment, it can be a great alternative for those looking to undergo outpatient treatment and therapy. It can be particularly ideal for people who might live in rural or remote locations and don’t have easy access to a treatment facility.

Telehealth Offers Constant Accountability

Another benefit of telehealth is constant accountability. One of the biggest reasons why a person may relapse is that they were either released from a treatment facility to soon or they don’t have a good support system once they get out. 

Telehealth allows for the patient to stay in contact with their therapists and other treatment professionals even after they have left treatment via things like recovery support chats and motivational text messages. Having the ability to check-in whenever and wherever keeps the person accountable for their actions.

Do You Need To Speak To Someone Via a Drug Addiction Help Online Chat?

At New Directions for Women, we have been helping women of all ages get sober for more than 40 years at our award-winning facility. We are one of the few addiction treatment centers in the United States that welcome pregnant women and women with children.

With over 40 years of experience, we know just how difficult it can be to admit that you need help and then go get the treatment that you need. That’s why, should you or a loved one need help, we want to make it as easy as possible to get the help that you need. One of the ways that we do that is by offering addiction help online through our live chat feature.

We believe that providing access via our live chat feature makes addiction treatment more accessible. It breaks down the barrier that might prevent someone from learning more about the life-saving services we offer. It also provides a safe, secure, and even anonymous alternative to the phone.

If you want to get help for a substance use disorder, we are here to help. You can get help now and click on “live chat.” One of our representatives will answer you right away

and do everything they can to help you. Or if you prefer to reach out through our online form, you contact us that way instead. 

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