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Value Options

Value Options gives its policyholders a way to pay for their health benefits, including their substance abuse treatment. That’s why we hold a contract with them at New Directions. We recognize that they are a great option for those looking to receive coverage for their treatment plan.

Paying for Treatment: What Are the Options?

There are many options when deciding how to pay for rehab. There are scholarships and grants are available to those seeking treatment. There are also free options that do not require any type of payment. The two most common options though are paying out of pocket and going through an insurance policy. 

Paying out of pocket is simple. It just means that the patient, or loved ones of the patient, pays for the entire cost of treatment. Paying out of pocket is always an option, but it can be expensive. This is especially true for treatments that require the patient to stay within the facility.

New Directions understands that paying out of pocket is not a viable option for everyone. That is why we have developed contracts with insurance companies to allow our patients to go through their policies. By using insurance to cover some of the cost, more individuals are able to receive the length and intensity of care they need.Insurance Options

How to Choose the Right Policy

If you do decide to go through insurance to pay for treatment, there are some things to consider. Some individuals will already be on a policy before starting treatment. They are able to contact their provider to see what type of coverage they would receive and if they work with our center. If the benefits aren’t as great or they are out of network, it may be time to switch companies.

Choosing the right policy is extremely important and can be an overwhelming task. It can mean paying for hardly any of the treatment received to paying for a large sum of it out of pocket, even while being under insurance. 

Why Choose Value Options?

Value Options is the nation’s largest independent behavioral health and wellness company. They operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of FHC Health Systems, Inc. Their values include consumer engagement, integrity, innovation, listen/respect, people development, and joint accountability. Value Options helps people lead healthier lives by addressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are central to good health.

It was founded in 1983 by Dr. Ronald Dozoretz and has grown to a more than $1 billion company. Value Options serves more than 23 million customers across the country to help them with their behavioral health needs.

Value Options Benefits

When choosing an insurance policy, it is important to look at all of the benefits offered. Value Options gives its policyholders many options when it comes to their benefits. Because they are mainly focused on behavioral health, many of their plans are centered around that.

They encourage their policyholders to acquire the help that they need in order to feel sound in their mental health. This includes helping them find resources available to them that are covered under their policies. They also offer access to many different physical health benefits, as well. This includes their mobile app that allows you to track your fitness progress and goals. 

Why In-Network is More Beneficial

There is a huge difference between in-network policies and out-of-network policies when it comes to treatment. The main difference is the amount of coverage they offer. Knowing the difference between the two could determine whether a patient is able to afford treatment or not.

In-network companies are ones that have partnered with us at New Directions. In-network companies, like Value Options, are able to cover much more of the cost of the treatments we offer because of our contracts with them.

Out-of-network companies are ones that are not affiliated with our center. They are still able to cover some of the cost of treatment but not to the extent that in-network companies can. Because of this, we recommend using one of our in-network providers to help with the cost of treatment.

Our staff at New Directions will provide you a detailed plan that includes the coverage possibilities. We work directly with each company, so there will be no open ends or questions. Our mission is to provide you with the maximum amount of coverage to ease the burden of paying for treatment.

Reviewing Your Policy at New Directions

Insurance is not more affordable than ever, and each company has done an incredible job of adding mental health and substance abuse coverage. Our staff at New Directions will work with your Value Options representative to understand what treatments are covered under your plan. 

An independent review of your Value Options coverage will determine: 

  • What programs and treatments can be covered
  • The length of stay that will be approved
  • If inpatient or outpatient treatment is covered

Once the policy is reviewed, an exact amount can be created of what each patient will pay out-of-pocket and what is covered. Each policy will be different, so our independent review will give a more detailed plan.

Substance Abuse Treatment Coverage

The out-of-pocket cost for substance abuse treatment can be extremely high in some cases. Some levels of care will cost less than others, but our staff does not want the cost of treatment to hinder those who truly need it. This is why an insurance plan can be helpful to those needing our services. 

The coverage you’re able to receive will be determined by what policy you’re currently under. Value Options focuses very heavily on substance abuse treatment. Because of this, there will be coverage provided for treatment with most plans. Our staff will help determine the exact amount upon arrival at our facility.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Once admitted into our program at New Directions, our staff will complete an initial evaluation. This will help us understand what level of treatment will be needed to effectively combat the addiction at hand. We will then place individuals in an inpatient or outpatient program that will most likely give them the best results. 

The biggest difference between inpatient and outpatient treatments is the level of care they each provide. Inpatient treatment includes staying at our facilities and 24/7 care from our staff. Outpatient treatment is a more relaxed plan for those who have mild addictions and can live at home while receiving treatment.

The intensity of treatment will affect the cost. Because inpatient requires more time and attention from our staff, it will be more expensive. Depending on the plan, most Value Options policies only cover short-term treatments in inpatient facilities.  

Coverage for Medical Detox

Medical detoxification is often needed when starting the treatment process at New Directions. It allows the patient to safely and effectively be weaned off the substance they were abusing. In order to complete this process, different techniques and therapies will be needed. 

Medical detox can immensely add to the cost of treatment depending on the length and intensity of therapies needed. Depending on the severity it can take days, weeks or sometimes even months to complete detox. Because of this, insurance coverage can be essential to certain individuals.

Because we are in-network with Value Options, they will cover the total cost of the detox process under most plans. The only exception to this is individuals with Plan II. Their detox will not be covered by their policy.

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health plays a large part in the development of addiction disorders. Because of this, we offer dual-diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment allows us to treat mental disorders that individuals have developed because of their addiction and vice versa. 

At New Directions, we understand the importance of mental health. We test for many different disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. to understand what treatments will be needed to make a full recovery. If mental disorders are diagnosed, our patients will be placed into our dual-diagnosis program. This will treat both disorders at the same time.

Because they put such a focus on the benefits of mental health, most Value Options plans will cover some if not all of the cost of treatment. Again, the cost will depend on which plan an individual is under. Each plan will be evaluated by our team and the out-of-pocket cost will be determined from there.

How New Directions Can Help

At New Directions, we understand that receiving the maximum amount of coverage can be vital for some of our patients. It can mean them being able to receive the exact type of treatment they need. We will work directly with your representative to provide you with the exact amount of coverage possible for treatment.

If you or someone you know is struggling with paying for treatment, contact us. We want to give every individual who needs it the possibility of treatment.

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