Horticultural Therapy

Building a Community for People in Recovery from Addiction

Horticultural Therapy People recovering from addictions who can manage stress through the experiential therapy of Horticultural Therapy gardening have better outcomes for longer-term wellness. Stress management is imperative for people in recovery to be able to function successfully (manage their family life, jobs, college/trade schools) after leaving our addiction treatment program. Keeping up this health practice after treatment ends will ensure that these stress-relieving measures help patients maintain sobriety in their new healthier lifestyle.

The following testimonial from our alumna, Sally R., helps justify the need for our gardening therapies:

[single_testimonial id=”8624″]

New Directions for Women provides so much positive ground for women of all ages to regrow themselves. Our small garden is where I found healing so visible, tangible, and interactively therapeutic. I only hope that others have the same chance to experience the garden.

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