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Glories of Sobriety

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FaithStrongA new book inspiring addicts to passionately desire a clean and sober life.

The Glories of Sobriety contains essays written by 24 long-time recovered addicts and shares their paths to the blessings and gifts of leading a sober life.

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Glories of Sobriety

Glories of Sobriety

Glories of Sobriety
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The Glories of Sobriety was conceptualized and edited by Faith Strong, a long time supporter of New Directions for Women. All proceeds from the book will be donated to maintaining the New Directions for Women facilities.

Here’s what readers are saying:

These personal messages of hope and recovery provide powerful examples of the life that awaits each of us beyond our active addiction. Regardless of where we are on the journey, this book is a must-read that reconfirms we are on the right path.



Betty Ford Recovery Hospital

These inspirational and life-giving essays are a must-read for persons in early recovery, as well as those in long term recovery. Much has been written about sobriety and recovery! One is encouraged to strive for it, reach for it, grow into it…. But for so very many the concept of sobriety remains an abstract description just beyond reach. In The Glories of Sobriety the reality of sobriety comes alive in stories told by persons with the experience of sobriety. The concept becomes real. Readers are invited to create their own stories of sobriety. Words of encouragement, affirmation and hope are needed by everyone. This sacred project was nurtured by its editor, Faith Strong, and New Directions for Women because of their strong commitment to nurturing others into sobriety.



NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers)

The stories in this book demonstrate just how powerful and healing a sober life can be each day of our lives. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to reap all the gifts that await us in sobriety.


Interventionist/Host on A&E and author of Face it and Fix It

Glories of Sobriety spells out in black and white (with gratitude all over), how recovery works and changes lives for the better.

Author of How to Change Someone You Love

A note from the Author: Faith Strong

About two years ago a reliable research study indicated that only 12% of alcohol and drug addicts recover. This low percentage stunned me! I began looking for a reason for this deplorable situation. I asked myself two questions: “What is missing?” and ‘What is needed?” I came up with two words: “sobriety” and “commitment.” There is not enough focus, enough sharing on sobriety itself and not enough emphasis on commitment.

I am reminded of a recent revelation during my study group of seventeen newly recovering addicts at a local rehab facility. I was having them visualize their lives ten years from now not having been clean and sober and then to visualize their lives ten years from now in sobriety. They had no difficulty with the first visualization (pretty horrible) but only one young woman could visualize her life having been clean and sober for ten years. I was flabbergasted! But, I tried not to show it, just directing them into possibilities. I also tried to have them see that they are creating their futures every moment, one day at a time. This process made a huge impact on me.

It seemed clear that there is not enough focus on the glories of sobriety itself. The Glories of Sobriety is not about any form of treatment or recovery. It’s not even about how a recovered addict got sober or stays sober. This book is about sobriety, a focus on sobriety itself. What sobriety brings and returns to an addict, what a recovered addict would have missed without it. What it feels like to be sober, free and conscious. This book is about the blessings, the gifts, the glories of sobriety.

Hopefully, this book with its moving chapters by long time recovered addicts will motivate the practicing and recovering addict to become passionately committed to a clean and sober life.

Faith Strong

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