Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Allison Wilder and Devon Martin celebrate Lyn Wilder

Circle of Life Breakfast 2018 | Allison Wilder and Devon Martin celebrate Lyn Wilder

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    Ann Premazon: Hello, everybody. I hope you’re all enjoying your breakfast. I would like to now introduce Allison Wiemann Wilder, and Devon Martin, who will be honoring and celebrating the life of Lyn Wilder. Lyn was married to one of our founders, Pamela Wilder, and we truly would not be here today without the loving support and incredible vision of the Wilder family. Devon and Allison?

    Allison Wilder: Good morning. So, I feel both my mom and my dad’s presence here with all of us this morning. For those of you who don’t know, my father, Lyn Wilder passed away on February 10th of this year from a sudden heart attack. His death has been a tragic loss for our family, the AA and Al Anon communities and New Directions for Women. 41 years ago, my mom, Pamela Wilder, was one of the founders of New Directions for Women. And it was her dream that women alcoholics would have a safe and nurturing place to get sober and to build a healthier life for themselves.

    Her dream has flourished into the amazing program that New Directions for Women offers today. And that they also incorporate a program for women with children to rebuild their lives. My father was incredibly proud of New Directions for Women, and the wonderful work they do every day. In helping women change their lives. Devon Martin is going to share her memories of my dad’s involvement.

    Devon Martin: Good morning, everyone. It’s such an honor to be here today. Not only to support New Directions for Women, but to celebrate our friend, Lyn. Lyn was extremely proud of his wife, Pam, and her time and vision in birth of this wonderful organization. Even after her passing, Lyn honored Pam’s legacy by being a friend and mentor to New Directions for Women. A couple days before he passed I had an incredible honor to have lunch with Lyn. I will never forget Lyn saying the most important thing in life is love and service.

    I saw how Lyn lived those words by always attending this breakfast, always attending it. Paying a visit to the campus. Or lending a hand wherever he was needed, always with a warm smile and a big hug. Those who have attained recovery because of Lyn are now giving back to others just as he did. He loved to hear the success stories of the women who have walked through the doors of New Directions. The countless women and their families who have healed at New Directions did so because of the vision and foresight of the Wilder family and other visionaries. And now we’d like to share with you this video, in Lyn’s own words, about the organization that he loved so very much.

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