Detox for Pregnant Women

Detox for Pregnant Women

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    Substance abuse detox for pregnant women is of the highest importance. Pregnancy is an exciting time; however, it is also an important time to make changes if you are dealing with an addiction. The health of your unborn baby is in your hands, and seeking treatment as quickly as possible upon learning the news of pregnancy will ensure that a healthy baby boy or girl is in your hands in nine months.

    A pregnant woman can be a very emotional woman. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is experiencing drastic changes and is constantly adjusting. Simply being pregnant puts a woman at risk for a number of disorderly body functions. Her hormones are raging up and down, and sometimes she doesn’t know if she is coming or going. Add addiction to the mix, and the chaos reaches extraordinary heights.

    Detox for pregnant women

    Pregnant women suffering from an addiction have many more anxieties and worries than one who is simply pregnant. Withdrawals are one of the worst things about coming off of a drug, and probably one of her biggest worries of detox. She may feel as if she is unable to handle the symptoms of withdrawal or worry that the baby can be caused even greater harm. She may feel as if everyone around her is there to judge and ridicule her.  Fear of losing her unborn child or other children is also weighing on her mind. At New Directions we understand the sensitivity of these circumstances and we aim our programs to help each woman overcome her disease safely and comfortably.

    At our treatment homes, no one will judge a woman for facing her addiction and admitting there is a problem. We hope to help any woman who is ready and willing to do what is right for herself and her unborn child. Our treatment centers provide specialized support for women carrying a child and are here to assist women and help them get on the right track without drugs. It is a chance to help two people at the same time, and the rewards do not get any greater than being a part of a life-saving experience.

    Why Detox is Necessary

    The detoxification process is essential for any addict wishing to make a full recovery. When a woman is carrying a child, it is even more important as drug toxins can remain inside of the body and make their way into the baby’s bloodstream. In addition, detox further eliminates the cravings for the drug of choice. The side effects for the child can vary from low birth weight, fetal alcohol syndrome, short attention span, retarded mental growth, and many other life-changing defects. Enduring a detox program can increase the odds of having a baby born free of these birth defects and chemical dependency.

    Although detoxification during pregnancy is a delicate matter, we work with special doctors and OB/GYNs, providing you the assurance that your baby will not be harmed. Substance abuse detox can save your life and that of your unborn baby; do not wait until it is too late to do the right thing. New Directions for Women offers the same option to women, children and families who desire a similar result. Know someone who needs treatment (even if they are not a female)? Contact us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or simply by phone at 800-939-6636. We can help.

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