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The Cost of Addiction Treatment Centers for Women

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The cost of addiction treatment centers for women

When looking for a rehab, rates are a large factor in choosing the right facility. The cost of treatment is variable. Some are free, while some may cost six figures over a long-term stay. Free programs often have long waiting lists and may not have the right quality of care for you. As a nonprofit organization, most women we treat utilize a combination of private insurance, private pay options, and partial scholarship funds.

Insurance is a very common way to pay for treatment, as substance use disorder is a chronic health condition that should be covered the same way as any other health issue. The amount that is reimbursable by insurance depends on the insurer. There are private or commercial insurance providers, and state-financed health insurances such as Medicaid or Medicare. We cannot work with Medicaid or Medicare policies, but can refer the right program for you.

New Directions for Women is in network with insurance providers including Cigna, MHN, Beacon Health, UnitedHealthCare, and Optum. We also work with out of network options such as Aetna and Blue Shield or Blue Cross. Our intake counselors can run your insurance benefits and set up a time to explain the financial details. Young women can access treatment services if they continue to stay on their parent’s insurance plan, up to the age of 26. We also have contracts with local and national unions to serve their members. Lastly, as a Wellbriety certified treatment center, we have relationships with various Native American tribes to provide

Many families choose to pay privately for their treatment stay. We offer an “up front pricing” option to allow for an additional discount if the funds for the clinically recommended length of stay are paid up front. If the patient chooses to leave early, those funds are held in an account so they can return to NDFW to continue their treatment. Paying privately can be beneficial because insurance companies can be nuanced to work with, and reimbursement may be confusing or frustrating for some.

The various levels of care offered by a treatment center will cost different amounts. New Directions for Women offers a full continuum of care from detox to residential to outpatient programming and aftercare. A woman can enter the continuum at the right level of care for the severity of her addiction. Her primary counselor will create a treatment plan for the right prescription of treatment for her. There also may be ancillary services such as massages or chiropractic care.

While the cost of treatment is an investment – much like college tuition or a down payment on a home– it can be difficult to fund. But, over time it pays off in a healthy, productive life. It will be the foundation for your future. Sobriety gives women the life skills and tools to get their family life, career, and relationships back.

Also, using drugs and alcohol is expensive over the long-haul of an active addiction. An alcoholic may spend many thousands of dollars on drinks per year, especially if she is drinking at bars and restaurants frequently. Addicts are more likely to skip work, have accidents that can lead to hospitalization, and become court-involved with hefty legal fees. In the big picture, checking into addiction treatment is far less costly than continuing to misuse drugs and alcohol.

At the time of this writing, the world is several months into the global coronavirus pandemic. Many individuals are struggling with job loss, furlough, and loss of savings. Simultaneously, anxiety, depression and coping with drugs and alcohol are on the rise. It creates the impossible situation of thousands of people in need of addiction treatment while personal funds are more limited than ever.

We have heard from dozens of women and families who need addiction treatment to live beyond their trauma and substance use but have limited means due to the pandemic, or other reasons. We encourage you to live beyond scarcity and step into abundance. There is no better time than now to get sober, especially while the world is healing from its own disease.

Ask family members for support, tap into savings you’ve put aside for emergencies, or do what you feel is right to show up for yourself – whether that’s with us or with another provider. An addiction is a health emergency, and recovery is always possible. Since New Directions for Women has been operating for over four decades, we have built relationships with providers of all types to provide referrals to anyone, so don’t be afraid to call. We are here to help you start your addiction recovery journey.

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